Jenson Button

” I never clean shave because it makes me look like a teenager…..”

Jenson Button MBE is one of the most celebrated drivers within British Formula 1 and is particularly known for his smooth driving style. In 2009 he won a record-equalling six of the first seven races of the season, and secured the 2009 World Drivers’ Championship at the Brazilian Grand Prix. In 2010 Jenson moved to McLaren partnering fellow British racer and former world champion Lewis Hamilton. Button is currently Britain’s highest Formula One point-scorer.

Many men are now taking more of an interest in grooming, do you have a particular routine?
I’ve got getting ready in the morning down to a tee. It takes me 20 minutes from getting out of bed to walking out the door. I listen to Kings of Leon or Rage Against the Machine while I’m getting ready. It really gets me going.

Is there anything specific that you do to take care of your skin?
I have very dry skin and if I don’t moisturise my face and body I get very itchy. I think it’s important to look after your skin. I’ve been fully converted to the importance of moisturising especially with all the racing, training and travelling that I do.

How do you keep your hair in good condition?
I use Head&Shoulders as it smells great and means I don’t have to worry about dandruff. The new limited edition for men bottle has got my face on it!

How do you maintain your beard/hair?
Combating helmet hair is tricky but it helps if you hair is clean. I never clean shave because it makes me look like a teenager. I just trim my stubble with a beard-trimmer and then quickly style my hair- smart but a bit ruffled around the edges.

A year ago I never thought I’d have a side parting, but I’ve grown it out and I’m enjoying it however it’s harder to style. When it’s longer I use a putty. When it’s longer I use something with more hold because the putty makes it go flat. Now that my hair is slightly longer, I find I have to style my hair with a wax like Sumotech by Bumble and Bumble

One gadget you cant live without?
Electric toothbrushes are amazing. What’s manual brushing all about? An electric toothbrush perfect. It feels like you’ve actually cleaned them.

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