James Haskell

“Without wishing to sound or act like Gavin Henson I have a daily skincare routine”

James Haskell 25 is one of England rugby’s rising stars. A muscular ball carrier, he possesses a combination of pace power and determination. As one of Europe’s top back-row players he has the ability to play in all positions across the back row and has made his mark playing flanker.  Having won 73 caps for Wasps he joined top French club Stade Francais in 2009. Haskell has 34 caps for England and a recent return to top form saw him playing for England in the 6 nations receiving a richly deserved RBS 6 Nations Man of the Match award when England beat Scotland 22-16 at Twickenham in mid March and he was also his country’s top tackler during this years championship.

You need to take care of your body as a sportsman, how do you take care of your face?
Along with my body, my face and skin take a regular battering. My face is always exposed to adverse weather conditions, as well as the fists and boots of opposing players!! it’s important that I give my skin the chance to recover. Without wishing to sound or act like Gavin Henson I have a daily skincare routine. I wash my face in the morning with a facial cleaner followed by a moisturiser with a medium-to-high SPF

Men in general are using more products are you?
When I was a teenager I used to pick up a can of shaving foam and my dad’s razor As i have grown older I have started to pay more attention to what grooming products are out there and I have become more selective about the products that actually work best for my skin. When I shave, for example I have quite sensitive skin so I need to make sure that I use a sensitive shave cream, otherwise I end up with razor bumps and irritation. The best shaving cream for my skin is Kyoku for Men. I also use their Razor repair balm afterwards. I have to say they make a real difference. They do what they say on the tin or in their case the tube!

As to the rest, to be honest, I tend to just keep an eye out for the latest award-winners – thankfully my girlfriend keeps me fully up to speed!

What hair product do you use?
I’ve got quite into using products that are or at least look and feel natural. Korres produce a great range of shampoos – my favourite is their Sage and Nettle one.

How do you clean up after a session on the pitch?
In the showers I use the new Kyoku body wash, the heating and cooling properties of the Water and Fire fragrance are good for loosening tight muscles.

Do you have a signature aftershave?
Although legend has it that most Rugby players just drink the stuff, I am a bit addicted to wearing Loewe 7 which launched last year. I prefer to go for non-mainstream brands and like to be individual and different.

What does being well groomed mean to you?
Being well-groomed is about being aware of yourself and your appearance and is more than simply shaving and wearing hair gel. It is about pushing the envelope and trying new products, creating your own routine and finding a signature scent.

Most guys I know tend to just use the products that their girlfriends or mum bought them and when they run out use water and soap until Christmas or birthdays come around again. It’s a shame, as they are missing out on some great products out there! As the old saying goes, you can take a horse to water but you can’t ……….


1. Kyoku Water and fire fragrance body wash
£17 for 250ml Havey Nicols, Harrods, The Refinery, mankind.co.uk

2. James Haskell

3. Loewe 7 £57 for 100ml at Harrods

4. James Haskell

5. Korres Sage and Nettle Shampoo for Oily Hair
£9 for 250ml at houseoffraser.com

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