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Greg James

‘I want to look well groomed, but not like I’ve not thought about it too much!’

Should a face for radio should be just as presentable as one for the small screen? We think so! Cue Radio 1 presenter Greg James. This fresh faced presenter proves that persistence pays off as he landed his own radio show at just 14. Now Greg is one of the bright new voices of Radio 1 and he’s been part of the team at the station since his debut in 2007, just one day after his graduation!

After a spell covering for fellow presenters Sara Cox and JK and Joel, Greg now presents the daytime slot every weekday between 4 and 7pm. This month he will be at the Reading Festival and T in the Park for BBC Three, and is guest commentating on a special Saturday Ashes show on 5 live. Here at The Grooming Guide we like the fact that for Greg never looks over-styled, so read on to discover the products he rates, and why looking good means feeling great.

How would you describe your style?
Not overly styled or too try-hard. I like to mix it up. I want people to think I look well groomed but like I’ve not thought about it too much. I’ve never been obsessed with fashion.

You recently participated in the Hell and High Water Red Nose Challenge, were there any grooming products that you regretted not bringing? What challenges did you face?
No regrets at all. The only regret is that I didn’t stay out there longer. It’s the most fascinating part of the world and I met some inspirational people. Having said that, I didn’t pack nearly enough wet wipes…..they were my only means of washing.

So even though we can’t see you when you’re on the radio, do you make an effort to look good?
I make an effort most days. We’re always photographed and often filmed so I have to at least be presentable.

What are products could you not live without?
Trevor Sorbie hair wax seems to work well in my nest of hair, and also ‘hair dust’. It has amazing hold and lasts all day, even with headphones on.

When did you first get interested in broadcasting?
I just really loved everything about radio. I have always been obsessed with it because it’s such a personal medium. The listeners get to know you like you’re their mate. They love you, find you funny, find you annoying sometimes just like with your mates. Also, getting to champion new music that you believe in is such a privilege. There is nothing else in the world I’d rather do.

What’s your guilty pleasure when it comes to grooming?
I have open pores on my nose so use those little nose strips sometimes. I forgot I had one on and my mate came round. There was some explaining to do.

What products and techniques do you use to get your quiff?
Wash, brush lots, then dry it in place and use wax and dust. It’s a military operation. It doesn’t even take me that long anymore due to years of practice.

When you’re not on the radio or kayaking down the Zambezi what do you do to stay fit?
I love running. I’ve done a few half marathons and the full marathon. It’s a great way to listen to new music and just be on my own.

Do you have a favourite fragrance?
Bleu de Chanel

What’s your favourite skincare product and why?
I’m a big fan of all the Murad skin products for men. My skin is sensitive and my face can get quite oily so these are perfect for me.

Bath or shower and with what?
Shower every time. I rarely bathe – there aren’t many that I can actually fit in.

Where or when are you happiest?
With my mates, watching live sport or music.

Who are your style icons?
I really like how Tinie Tempah wears what he likes and can get away with things no one else can. Dermot O’Leary wears suits very well too. He always looks very sharp.

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