Gerard McCarthy

“Who wants to date a guy that looks like he’s crawled out of a cave?”

You may know Gerard McCarthy for his role in Hollyoaks for which he won the Best TV Actor gong at the 2007 Irish Entertainment Awards and was nominated for Best Newcomer in the 2007 British Soap Awards. However as a classically trained actor McCarthy made his Shakespearean debut as Fenton in The Merry Wives of Windsor at Shakespeare’s Globe. This production then transferred to Los Angeles and New York with him reprising the role in both cities.

Gerard is set to play Ashley Stokes in season one of Titanic: Blood & Steel, alongside Sir Derek Jacobi, Chris Noth and Neve Campbell which airs worldwide in 2012. Listed by The Belfast Telegraph as one of Northern Ireland’s sexiest male celebrities and most eligible bachelors, we say who better to share his tips on looking good and smelling great!

What does being well groomed mean to you?
To me, well groomed means looking clean, healthy & fresh. It’s not difficult & shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes a day.

Do you think more guys are taking an interest in their appearance, what has brought this about?
Without a doubt… What’s brought it about? It’s what women want. There isn’t a beautiful woman on the planet that wants to date a guy that looks like he’s just crawled out of a cave.

Do you think that being in the public eye makes you even more aware you need to look good?
Obviously when I’m in-front of a camera or on a red carpet I have to look my best, it’s my job, but I do have days when just I lounge around my flat in a tracksuit reading scripts & learning lines.

What is your favourite aftershave? Are you loyal to one or a few if so what are they?
I’m a fan of Tom Ford’s fragrances. I’ve got two or three of them. My favourite though is Bois Rouge.

Can you recall a grooming disaster?
I had to die my hair black for a role once and whilst I was doing it I thought it would be a good idea to stick a load of the hair dye on my eyebrows as well. I managed to cover half of my forehead and it didn’t come off for days.

Do you borrow products from your partner/wife?
No, as there are so many great products specifically designed and manufactured for men. London Rehab’s range is amazing. Most of the products in my bathroom are from them.

Do you have a specific grooming routine that you do daily and if so what products do you use?
I use a facial scrub when I’m in the shower & moisturise everyday but that’s about it. When I want to look really sharp I’ll book myself in for a hot towel shave. Whenever I finish on stage or filming for the day I use Dermalogica to make sure I’ve removed all the make up, it takes more than a bit of soap & water to clean off that stuff. The make-up artists trowel it on me!

What is the one product you cant live without?
Optrex Eyedrops! Long hours on set can make me look tired and a couple of drops in my eyes makes me look like I’ve just woken up from a 14 hour sleep. It’s brilliant.

Who in the public eye do you think gets it right?
Johnny Depp is always true to his own identity & sense of style, but when he needs to look sharp on a red carpet he looks like a true Hollywood screen icon. David Beckham seems to be getting it right these days but I don’t think he can ever be forgiven for the sarong & pink nail varnish.

1. Gerard McCarthy

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3. Johnny Depp

4. Rehab London Scrub Up Daily Detox £9.95 for 150ml at Harrods, Harvey Nichols and www.rehablondon.co.uk

5. Dermalogica For Men Products

6. David Beckham

7. Optrex Sore Eyes Eye Drops £4.09 for 10ml at Boots

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