‘I have a natural look, I suppose it relects a lot of my fans!’

It started in an audio booth in the film department at Royal Holloway University, London and now, three albums and two number 1 singles later, Example’s music career shows no signs of slowing down. After stints doing voiceover work and stand-up comedy, Elliot became the artist ‘Example’, and was first heard on Radio 1 through DJ’s Pete Tong and Zane Lowe.

Well known for his collaborations with fellow artists Ed Sheeran, Wretch 32 and Skream, Example’s career continues to go from strength to strength. Despite a hectic schedule of live shows and appearances, we are happy he stopped by to share his tips on looking natural, face powder and faking it! Thanks Elliot!

(His 4th album ‘The Evolution Of Man’ is out on Nov 19th and can be pre-ordered now on iTunes/HMV/Play/Amazon)

What grooming products would we find in your wash bag?
Well, right now you would find my Beard Trimmer from Babyliss. I go through about four of them each year!

What is currently the grooming product you can’t live without?
Clinique M Lotion, I think it’s great for my skin.

How long would you say is your morning routine before leaving the house?
It really depends on whether I have a photo shoot or a television appearance.  On a normal day, I would say it takes me about 10 minutes. A two-minute shower and three or four minutes to get ready with a quick spray of Nivea for Men deodorant is all I really need.

Do you ever borrow any products from your other half? If so, what?
Occasionally I do yeah. If I run out I use my girlfriends Sure Cotton Fresh Deodorant. Occasionally I might put a bit of her powder on my face before going out for an event.

What aftershave are you wearing at the moment?
Estee Lauder Pleasures for Men. I’ve been using the same aftershave for about ten years or so. I think it’s beautiful.

Your job demands a lot of your time being spent on the road. How do you keep yourself looking fresh before each show?
I tend not to worry about staying fresh before going on stage because I’m going to get sweaty anyway. I worry more about what I’m wearing. I always carry a bottle of Label M Dry Shampoo (brunette) with me, as I usually have no time for a hairdryer.

What other guys in the public eye do you think are well groomed?
Tinie (Tempah) always looks really sharp and so does Professor Green.

What are your views on men wearing make-up?
I have had a bit put on me for photo and fashion shoots but it’s not something I would choose to wake up and put on everyday. Its not really my style.

This November has been dubbed ‘Movember’. Are you planning to grow a moustache?
It’s something I definitely would consider as it’s for a really good cause.

Have you ever had any grooming-related disasters?
Not really, probably because I don’t try and overdress myself and  I also consider myself to have a natural look which reflects a lot of my fans. If I’m out and about and find that I’ve had a bit of a faux-pas, then it doesn’t really bother me because I’m not hiding behind anything.

Do you have any grooming secrets that you wish to share with us?
Yes! Men should definitely try the Mac Make-Up Matte Gel. You carry it in your pocket and top up during the day. It makes you look really healthy and radiant.


1. Babyliss Beard Trimmer £61 from Thehealthcounter.com

2. Nivea for Men Deodorant Spray £3.09 for 250ml from Boots

3. Professor Green

4. Estee Lauder Pleasures for Men £38 for 50ml from Selfridges

5. Tinie Tempah

6. Label M Dry Shampoo Brunette £10.95 for 200ml from Toni & Guy

7. Mac Make-Up Matte Cream £14 from Selfridges

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