Eric Underwood
Eric Underwood Portrait
Eric Underwood in Performance
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Eric Underwood Straddle
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Eric Underwood in Performance 2
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Eric Underwood Performing

Eric Underwood

‘Christian Bale playing Patrick Bateman in American Psycho is oddly inspirational… his daily grooming routine is incredible!’

The stellar American British ballet dancer Eric Underwood has long been on our radar! With a repertoire including Rasputin in Anastasia, Southern Cape Zebra in ‘Still Life’ at the Penguin Cafe and Mrs Pettitoes in Tales of Beatrix Potter Eric Underwood dances his heart out across the world.

The dynamic Mr Underwood studied at the prestigious School of American Ballet before graduating onto the Dance Theatre of Harlem and finally moving to the American Ballet Theatre in 2003. Eric joined The Royal Ballet Company in 2006 as a First Artist and was promoted to Soloist in 2008, and he left The Royal Ballet in August 2017.

You will recognise Eric for his killer body and superhero good looks, yet at the peak of his profession dancing can take its toll on the body. So who better to share his tips on health and grooming advice. Thanks Eric for dropping by to share your secrets, when it comes to dancers, there’s no-one more dapper!

You’ve danced your way around the world: America, China, Italy. What’s in your travel washbag?
My travel wash bag usually holds Lab Series Multi-action face wash, Ren flash defence brume anti-pollution mist, contact lens and Lab series water based gel cream.

Your feet must take quite a pounding; how and with what treatments and products help you look after them?
I go for pedicures regularly and before bed I clean my feet by moisturising them with Nivea creme and cover with socks to cure any dryness overnight.

Do you have a daily grooming routine? If so, tell us a little bit about it ( skin and hair products please)
My daily routine would be washing my face with Lab series multi-action face wash then using Aesop oil free hydrating Serum followed by Lab series water based gel cream.

Be honest, have you ever had any grooming disasters?
Yes, of course I’ve had a grooming disaster! I once tried to cut my own hair, which needless to say was the worst haircut I’ve ever had. I thought my hairline would be ruined forever, lol.

You visited Morocco recently. Did you try their body treatments, hammam etc? What is your earliest olfactory memory?
I had a beautiful treatment in the Hammam at the spa in the Mandarin Oriental.

Are you loyal or promiscuous with scent?
I’m promiscuous with scents. I believe different occasions call for different scents.

Which fragrance(s) do you love, on yourself and others?
Bottega Veneta for sure!

Would you ever wear a floral fragrance?
No I wouldn’t wear a floral fragrance – it doesn’t work with me.

Modelling, dancing, touring: you have a hectic life, so how do you like to relax?
I relax in the bath with a nice glass of wine and Legna London candles. They make fantastic candles for men.

What does London mean to you?
London is my home and a land of endless possibilities.

So you’re stranded on a desert island, what three grooming products would be your saviours?
Three things I would need on a desert island – A toothbrush, Lab series multi-action facewash and Sisley Sun screen, considering it’s an island.

Do you ever have facials?
No I’m not a huge fan of facials.

Which guys, real or fictional inspire you in terms of their ‘look?’
It’s sort of strange but Christian Bale playing Patrick Bateman in American Psycho was oddly inspirational…the attention to detail during his daily grooming routine is incredible.

What has been your most challenging ballet routine or role?
I danced a ballet called in “The Upper Room” which required me to dance without a break on stage for forty five mins solid. That was difficult!

Wet or dry shave? Why and with which appliances?
I dry shave with an electrical razor.

How do you prepare for a big event?
I always get a haircut the day of, or a day before a big event, rest and moisturise.

Bath or shower and with which products?
I love a good bath with Happy Naturals sea mineral muscle therapy soak.

Would you ever join the beardgang?
I would love to join the beard gang but my beard doesn’t grow unfortunately.

Where and with whom are you happiest?
I’m the happiest on my mom’s couch in pyjamas, watching a film and just taking it easy.

Interview by Nick Cox and James Linton

1. Eric Underwood

2. Eric Underwood Portrait

3. Eric Underwood in Performance

4. Legna Candle Pour Homme Strength £40 from

5. Lab-Series Multi-action Facewash £19 from

6. Eric Underwood Straddle

7. Bottega Veneta CAD $206 from

8. Eric Underwood in Performance 2

9. Aesop Fabulous Face Oil £39.00 from

10. Eric Underwood Performing

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