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Elliot Meeten

‘I’ve had haircuts so bad…that I’ve cried when I’ve left the barbers!’

Every so often a model comes along who instantly creates a buzz..cue Elliot Meeten. Signed to Models 1, this Brighton native, quickly caught the eye of Mario Testing, who cast him in his recent shoot for Man About Town. Anyone with body goals will recognise fitness obsessed Elliot for his lean and althetic physique. As it happens Mr Meeten also knows a thing or two about male grooming! Simply read on for his tips on looking good and feeling great, thanks Elliot.

What is your favourite fragrance on yourself…and on others?
My new favourite fragrance is Tom Ford’s Fucking Fabulous Eau De Parfum… I love its explicit and exclusive aroma, and I can smell on myself for hours. On girls I love YSL Black Opium Eau De Parfum.

Do you have a grooming regime?
To be honest, I don’t overuse products on my skin… a simple face wash with cold water to close the pores and a nice non-greasy moisturiser is my trick daily. I also make sure to drink lots of water to keep my skin hydrated.

What are your three go to products and why?
I’m always outside running or playing golf so my skin gets exposed to the cold and wind which can result in dry skin. To combat this, I use The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care Stick SPF 15 for my lips, and for my face I use L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Moisturiser. When it comes to wash-time I like L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Charcoal Face Wash because it gives my face a real refreshing feel.

Are you loyal to one or more promiscuous with scent? If so which ones?
Until this year I used to just use whatever I got given for my birthday or Christmas. However, now I know what my favourites are… I like most Tom Ford fragrances and also Hugo Boss and Paco Rabanne scents too. So I try and stay loyal to these.

When it comes to your hair which products work best and why?
I like the slicked-back wet look so I use Reuzel™ Pink Pomade. It’s a wax and grease based pomade that creates a smooth, medium shine with heavy hold.

How were you scouted?
When I was getting my haircut I was told I should consider modelling by one of the hairdressers and so I decided to send some natural photos of myself to some London-based model agencies and ended up signing with Models 1 when I was 17.

Have you ever had a traditional wet shave?
I normally shave wet with a razor and shaving foam because it gets the closest shave possible. However, I always cut myself so maybe I should invest in a proper cut-throat razor and decent shaving foam!

Mario is legendary, what was it like shooting with him?
It was the day of my 22nd birthday, so it was a very memorable day for me. I was stressing so much that day because my trains to London were delayed and I was running late for the shoot… but luckily I made it just in time. The shot he needed was a nude portrait, but he made me feel really comfortable and relaxed about shooting nude. After we shot I told him it was my birthday and he gave me a big hug which was pretty cool.

How do you relax?
Relax? That’s a word I don’t know the meaning of! I have a bit of an anxious personality so I find it hard to just chill out sometimes. I find the best way to calm my mind and ‘relax’ is to go for a run, go to the gym, or play golf with a buddy. Playing sports and being outside is my way of escaping from the world.

Bath or shower and with what?
Shower definitely! My hectic lifestyle means I don’t have much time to run a bath and relax. Showers on the other hand are just so quick and easy. The feeling of hot running water on my back for me is just amazing.

What would you say is your best feature and why? I would say my best features are my eyelashes. They’re really long and I always get asked if I curl them (which I don’t)! When I was younger all my mum’s friends were super jealous of them.

Would you ever join the beard gang?
Sure! I grow facial hair really easily, and when I’m not working I always just let it grow wild. Most of my friends actually prefer me with facial hair, so I’d definitely consider going full-beard.

Do you ever have facials or massages?
I’ve never had a facial, but I do get the occasional massage. Sports massages are definitely something I should get more often, because all the exercise I do makes me pretty tight and stiff.

Men and make- up…thoughts?
I have no problem with it. Some guys have bad skin (sometimes by no fault of their own) and I think covering blemishes up is completely acceptable.

When it comes to a tan would you ever fake it (in civilian life) if so what would you use?
Good question. I’m a real sun-worshipper so I love the glow of a nice natural tan. However faking it just isn’t the same. The only time I would fake it is if I had terrible tan lines I needed to cover up!

Be honest, have you ever had any grooming disasters?
Well I’ve had some pretty terrible haircuts in my time⎯haircuts so bad I’ve actually cried when I left the barbers, ha!

What have been your best and worst looks?
My best look is definitely when I grow my hair long and it starts to get wavy. My worst look has got to be when I was back at secondary school; I used to don a Mohawk-style haircut and wear big diamond earrings in both my ears. Yuk!

Which other men (real or fictional) inspire you in terms of their look and grooming? Clark Kent (Superman) is my fictional idol because of his slick look. David Gandy is pretty much his real-life twin, so I like his look too.

You are also signed to an agency in New York, do you think that there is a difference between how men take care of themselves in the states and the UK?
I don’t think there’s much difference between men in NYC and London, but I definitely see a difference between guys in London/NYC and guys in Milan, Italy. I feel like in general the men in Milan take much greater care of their appearance. I would say on the whole they dress better and look sharper in terms of their hair and grooming.

What does London mean to you?
London is my favourite fashion city and where it all started for me.

Where and with whom are you happiest?
On a sandy white beach in a hot country with my girlfriend!

Main image of Elliot by Bartek Szmigulski

1. Reuzel Pink Heavy Hold Grease £14.99 for 4oz from

2. Tom Ford Fabulous EDP £210 for 50ml at Selfridges

3. Photographer Mario Testino

4. Hydration

5. Clarke Kent

6. David Gandy

7. Life's A Beach

8. Elliots Home Town Brighton

9. The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care Stick SPF 15 £5.50 at The Body Shop

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