Ed Drewett

‘If I went around looking like the male Gaga, it wouldn’t really work!’

Once going by the elusive moniker “the Flame-haired druid”, the 24-year old Ed Drewett has done a bit of a turn. You may remember the cheeky blonde-haired singer sharing smiles and eyeing girls with pal Professor Green in 2010’s “I Need You Tonight”. But did you know Ed is not only a singer but also a gifted songwriter? And that he also co-wrote The Wanted’s global smash hits “All Time Low” and ‘Glad You Came”? Clearly it’s time for The Grooming Guide to re-introduce you to Mr. Ed Drewett, a man ready and primed to take the lead…

Essex has a bit of a reputation for over-grooming. Do you think that’s fair?
Obviously since TOWIE has come to light, it’s become a bit extreme. I have friends like that, but I’m definitely not like that! I reckon that overdoing it looks a bit shit, you can look glamorous without looking poncey!

Do you think your style has changed since you’ve entered the public eye?
Not really I like to kept things down to earth and homegrown perhaps because if I went around looking like the male Gaga, it wouldn’t really work!

What fragrance do you wear most?
Bang by Marc Jacobs is definitely what I wear most…it’s great!

Do you have any favourite products?
I’ve actually got some in my bag [rustles in bag] hold on! I really like V05 Extreme Style Gel, which is- to be fair- popular with guys my age. It’s great, I’m obsessed with it.

Do you notice what scent a girl is wears?
If it’s a perfume I recognize it can be a bit, ahem, awkward. I really like when girls wear Thierry Mugler Ghost, it’s really sexy and should be detectable but it shouldn’t give you a headache.

Who out there do you feel has great style?
I’ve always loved Justin Timberlake as he’s hit the nail on the head for what most guys want to achieve, a bit of smart… a bit casual.

Most of your songs are about girls. Any strong views on their hair or make-up?
I hate hair extensions. I really, really do. I think with some things, like girls in red lipstick, guys don’t get it- I understand if you’re a pale girl and you wear red lipstick, it looks good. I understand it. But with hair extensions, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just wait for your hair to grow out. And also, if you’re canoodling and it gets stuck in your fingers, or if you find it around the house and it looks like a dead animal- it’s a passion-killer!

If you’re going away, or if you’re performing and want to keep fresh, what are your wash-bag essentials?
Deodorant. And that’s something more people need to have in their washbags too. Deodorant or perfume is a must-have. I also like clean shower gels like Sanex. A good razor, clippers, hair wax. And for smellies, I really like Spicebomb by Viktor and Rolf, it’s not too strong, not too fruity- which I hate. I’m a simple man.

Lastly to shave or not to shave??
I could, and not because I want to jump on an East London hype if you know what I mean. But I quite like my look, I like a bit of stubble. I cut my hair myself- I use clippers. I haven’t had my hair cut by anyone else in eight years. I shave by myself too, when necessary, but I don’t like wet shaves, feeling like, a baby.

H. Eltayeb

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2. Cast of 'The Only Way is Essex'

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4. Justin Timberlake

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