Charley Speed

“I’m lazy! I tend to use beard trimmers and keep a bit of stubble”

Charley Speed’s career famously began when his girlfriend sent his photo into a competition, at the tender age of 16. A year later, in 1997 when he co-modelled with Kate Moss for a global Calvin Klein advertising campaign, his international model status was truly established. The English model and actor, went on to win Male Model of the Year in the prestigious VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards, appeared in Elton John’s video for Something About The Way You Look Tonight. Since then he has graced the small screen on the Wright Stuff, Something for the Weekend, Hollyoaks and most recently next to Elle McPherson in Britain’s next top model and we can look forward to seeing him again in Season 7. You may also remember him as Brent in Wrong Turn 3.

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Being a model and also in the public eye do you need to take special care of your appearance?
If I’m going to an event or casting then I do always make an effort and try and look ‘presentable’, but it’s always nice not to have to worry when I’m at home.

Do you prepare to go to castings in terms of grooming?
Absolutely, as my appearance is really what I’m selling. I would be a fool not to look well groomed.

Do you have a specific skincare routine? If so what products do you use and why?
Nothing particularly unusual. I’m a big fan of Dermalogica products. I use their cleanser in the morning and evening and tend to use Clinique moisturiser afterwards. I’ve never been a fan of products that have fragrance as I have fairly sensitive skin and I would advise anyone with these issues to give Dermalogica a try. One product I have recently discovered which really helps with my skin is a Clarisonic brush. You can also get attachments specifically for the body but I just use it on my face.

Do you think more guys are taking an interest in their appearance, what has brought this about?
I think so. I think over time it’s just become less taboo. We see more and more ads for male grooming products on tv and lots of men’s magazines have been championing them for years, hence over time it has become more acceptable.

How often do you shave, what do you use to shave with, what products work for you?
I’m lazy! I tend to use beard trimmers and keep a bit of stubble. On the occasions that I have to be clean shaven I still use my trusty Gillette sensor excel with, shock horror, ONLY two blades.

Do you have a signature fragrance, if so why and what is it? If you are not loyal to one brand what do you use?
I’ve always really liked the standard Giorgio Armani fragrance but never been able to wear it as it gives me a rash!

Do you buy products yourself, what is your favourite range
I do indeed – and as mentioned earlier find Dermalogica works best for my skin type

What is the one product you cant live without?
My ultra sonic toothbrush. My teeth just don’t feel properly clean without it.

Who in the public eye do you think is well groomed/ gets it right?
George Lamb and Mark Ronson seem to get it right – they both appear well groomed without compromising their individual styles.

1. Phillips Sonicare HX6932/10 Flexcare Sonic Toothbrush with UV Sanitising Station about £199 at Boots

2. Armani Code Pour Homme by Giorgio Armani about 75ml for £26 and 125ml for £57

3. Clarisonic Skin Brush, Clarisonic Classic about £155 at Space NK and www.clarisonic.com

4. Mark Ronson

5. Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution 250 ml for £17 and 500ml for £28 at www.dermalogica.com

6. George Lamb

7. Clinique Maximum Hydrator £25.50 for 50ml at Debenhams, Boots, www.clinique.co.uk

8. VO5 Special Edition Clipper about £34.99 at Tesco, Tesco Direct and other leading electrical suppliers. (100% waterproof making it possible to use in the shower, suitable for trimming body and head hair)

9. Charley Speed

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