Ben Gorham

“I don’t actually wear fragrances, except when I’m working on one!”

First imagine your idea of a traditional perfumer, then turn it on its head! Ben Gorham is a tattooed and hirsute fine arts graduate who only swapped paintings for fragrance after a chance encounter with the perfumer Pierre Wulff.

A native swede of indian and canadian heritage Ben had a creative background but no formal training, so he sought out the services of world renowned perfumers Olivia Giacobetti and Jerome Epinette. Each Byredo creation sees Ben explain his olfactory desires and Olivia and Jerome progress the composition. Here at The Grooming Guide we think this approach to creating fragrances is modern, unique, and logical, by limiting the number of raw materials, he gives each fragrance a clear identity and reason for existence.

For Gorham inspiration often comes from travel as he “wants to communicate personal experiences — to contribute to an almost collective memory of time and place” This approach clearly resonates with customers as Byredo is currently available in 22 countries with an extensive range available through Liberty. Ben has rapidly established as a coveted niche brand worldwide, and here this contemporary gentleman explains how he manages to keep it both clean, and modern!

Do you think that guys are taking more care of their appearance?
Yes! I think this may be due to the change in the traditional notion of masculinity and what it represents, or possibly just because of evolution.

How long have you had your beard and how do you take care of it?
The beard has come and gone in the last three or four years, above all I make sure to shampoo, condition and comb regularly.

Do you have a grooming routine?
I brush my teeth and shower at least once a day.

Who is responsible for your tattoos and what was their inspiration?
I got my first tattoo at age 16, so they´ve been from various artists. But the last few years I’ve been going to a girl named Jenny at Infamous Studio in Stockholm. The inspiration varies, at this point there are so many influences.

How did you become a perfumer…..is that what you would call yourself?
Actually, I´m more of a perfume creator. I work with perfumers that translate my creative ideas into fragrance.

What are your favourite fragrances?
I don´t actually wear fragrances, except when I´m working on one, but I have learned to appreciate some perfumes on the market. I would say my overall male favorite would be Eau Sauvage which was completely groundbreaking when it came in the late 60´s. And the Byredo.

Do you take care of your skin?
Not really, more than washing my face morning and night, and I´ve been told moisturizing is important.

What products could you not live without?
My moustache comb from G Lorenzi and Fabulous Face Oil from Aesop..

What does being well groomed mean to you and what other guys get it right?
I think well groomed is more about being healthy and hygienic! In terms of other guys it would probably be the complete opposite of myself, perhaps George Clooney with his perfect cut and clean shave.


1. Ben Gorham

2. G Lorenzi Moustache Comb POA www.lorenzi.it

3. Byredo logo

4. Eau Sauvage EDT £44 for 50ml at Boots

5. George Clooney

6. Aesop Fabulous Face Oil £34 for 25ml at www.mankind.co.uk

7. Byredo Pop up store at St Martins Lane Hotel London

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