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Ben Ainslie

‘It’s important to invest in decent razors and aftershave.’

When it comes to looking after your skin in extreme conditions, sailor Ben Ainslie has learnt some valuable tips. Never mind if the closet you get to the elements is a daily walk to the station battling with an inside-out umbrella, his tips will still have you looking more rugged than ragged.

In 2012 Ben looks likely to add to his collection of three Olympic gold medals. He admits to being a “super-competitive” person who hates the idea of failure and pushes himself hard to achieve his goals. No surprise then that despite keyhole surgery earlier in the year, Ben has set his sights on the Olympic Games this summer and also the 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro!

Photo by Jesus Rendo

What does being well groomed mean to you?
Putting effort into how I look, like having a shave, washing my hair etc.

As a sportsman you need to take care of your body, but do you take care of your face and your hands?
As a sailor I have to deal with the reflected sunlight and salt water, and I also have a sun allergy so I always use sun protection. That hasn’t always been the case so I probably have quite a bit of skin damage!

Do you have a daily grooming routine?
If I’m sailing and training I don’t have time. However if I’m home or going to a party or function then I will shave, sort out my hair and use some moisturiser.

Do you have a shaving routine?
I use Wilkinson Sword razors and that seems to work well, I think it’s important to invest in decent razors and aftershave.

Do you have a signature aftershave?
I’m in training at the moment, which consists of running, cycling, gym work and sailing with a bunch of lads so I don’t really use or need any! I’ll just make sure to put some Paul Smith deodorant on if we go out at night.

What hair products do you use?
I might use some wax if my hair is short, otherwise I’m lucky in that it sorts itself out.

What skin product/s do you use and why?
I like Biotherm products, they seem to help recovery from the sun and water.

How do you clean up after a race?
I generally pack up the boat, then have a shower, followed by stretching and physio then I’ll have another shower or a bath!

Which blokes in the public eye do you think are well groomed or fashionable?
Jenson Button, Daniel Craig as he’s James Bond and I have to include David Beckham. Apart from the time he wore his wife’s sarong!

JP Morgan Asset Management is the title sponsor of Ben Ainslie’s Olympic campaign. To watch Ben’s latest behind-the-scenes video go to www.benainslie.com/1977 or follow Ben on twitter @ainslieben

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