‘All I need is my toothbrush and cocoa butter’

West London raised singer/songwriter Angel (Sirach Charles) released his first mixtape in 2011. Since then his undoubted musical talent has seen him go on to collaborate with major artists such as Wretch 32, Pixie Lott and Jason Derulo; what’s more signing with Universal Island has really brought his career to life. Here at The Grooming Guide we loved his first single Go In, Go Hard (Feat. Wretch 32) in March and were thrilled to learn that he has an album due out later this year.

It’s not just his music that has caught our attention! With impeccable skin, a well groomed beard and quirky collection of tattoos (including one on his face) we were intrigued to know more about his grooming regime…

You seem to love your tattoos, how long have you had them? 
My last tattoo was about 8 months ago, and the rest of them I had done about 18 months ago. From an early age I liked the idea of face tattoos. So as soon as I knew I would never have an office job I had them done quickly. Whilst Im often asked about the deeper meaning behind my face and my tattoos, I had them done purely for aesthetic reasons.

So, getting ready to go out, how long does it take you?
Just over an hour. I like to take a long shower or bath for about 30 mins. I always use Palmers Cocoa Butter, and freshen up using Dove Cucumber Aloe Vera Deodorant. I also use Fem Fresh as my GP advised me that it is useful for both guys and girls.

Which products get you the most attention from women?
Should guys rely on their fragrance to pull women?  Sometimes I don’t use any fragrence and  women still ask what I’m wearing. When I do wear one my favourite fragrances are Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million, Tom Ford’s Noir and Gucci Sport.

What are your top grooming products?
I’m a simple man. If I’m out on a small road trip all I need is a toothbrush and my cocoa butter.

Getting great skin is often tricky, how have you done it?
Fenjal lotion and cocoa butter mix, that’s my little secret. It works for me.

On your recent single cover for ‘Go In, Go Hard” there’s an element of old skool hairstyles….
This was my choice, it works as part of my vibe. I’m an 80’s baby but the 90’s plays a big influence on my personal style. The star cut out ties into the fashion, imagery an iconography associated with the 90’s era of outlandish self expression.

Given your busy schedule at present, how often do you pamper yourself and how?
I like to be pampered by girls, I spend time around them to relax and wind down. I would rather spend time doing that rather than self pampering.

Have you always had such a great beard?
At 23 it was fully formed, but at 18 my beard it was just peeping through so I would ask my barber to shape up what little
grains I had. I would look at my older brother and wish that I had a miracle grow cream.

Interview by Reece Laurent-Hughes
Additional research by Sarah Powell

1. Paco Rabanne 1 Million EDT £38.50 for 50ml at House of Fraser

2. Gucci Sport Pour Homme £44.00 for 50ml at Harrods

3. Wretch 32

4. Tom Ford Private Blend Noir de Noir EDP £135.00 for 50ml at Selfridges

5. Fenjal luxury Hydrating Body Lotion £6.30 for 100ml at Boots

6. Angel

7. Palmers Cocoa Butter For Men £3.97 for 250ml at Boots

8. Dove Go Fresh Cucumber Anti-Perspirant £3.69 for £250ml at Boots

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