Andy Turner
Andy Turner
Nivea for Men Rehydrating Moisturiser
Colgate Advanced Whitening Toothpaste
Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male
David Beckham
Wilkinson Sword Classic Razor
L'Eau De Issey Pour Homme

Andy Turner

‘I shave on the day of a race, to get that fresh feeling!’

Looking for Olympic glory in 2012, British athlete Andy Turner is aiming for a gold medal this summer after taking bronze at the 2011 World Championships. However it could have been a very different path to success, after Turner was scouted by Notts County FC while at school. Luckily for the athletics world he changed his focus, and in 2002 he made his international debut.

A potentially devastating quad injury sustained in 2004, could have dashed Andy’s hopes of winning a medal at the Athens Olympics. Instead he came back stronger and more determined than ever, showing true grit and courage by completing two heats for the 100m hurdles. Andy has also recently proved that he is not only a handsome (and talented) face, having appeared in an episode of the drama Silent Witness as well as advert for Ford. Sports fans can relax though, far from being distracted from his sporting goals, Andy is training hard and has the Olympics in his sights!

What’s in your competition wash bag?
Colgate Whitening Toothbrush and Colgate Whitening Toothpaste, Lynx Atlantis Deodorant and Lynx Bodywash, Nivea Body and Face Moisturiser, Gillette Shaving Foam and Wilkinson Sword razor. As well as baby oil and assorted aftershaves.

Do you take care of your face?
The only product I use for my face apart from shaving foam is Nivea Moisturiser (either Rehydrating or Revitalising).

Your feet take a pounding, how do you protect them?
I actually don’t use anything for my feet. To be honest I’ve never even known there were feet products!

What does being well groomed mean to you?
I’m personally quite bad when it comes to grooming. I usually shave every 2 to 3 days, but I always shave on the day of a race to get that fresh feeling. I always make sure to smell good though, there really is nothing worse than people with body odour!

What is your favourite aftershave?
I’m a bit of an aftershave hoarder to be honest, I couldn’t tell you the number I’ve tried over the years. My go-to scents are either Issey Miyake or Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male which are both unbeatable classics. I have also recently been wearing CK Aqua and Aqua de Gio

How do you freshen up after competing?
I shower before a race, afterwards I like to take a long soak in the tub with loads of baby oil mixed in. I always moisturise after a bath or shower as my skin seems to dry up and I hate that feeling.

Do you ever borrow products from your partner/girlfriend?
I have to admit that I may have stolen her tweezers once or twice but I’ve never actually used her products.

What is the one product you can’t live without?
I think the one product I can’t live without is my Nivea moisturiser as I hate the feeling of dry skin. Nivea for Men face moisturiser and the Nourishing Body Moisturiser are both great.

Who in the public eye do you think gets it right?
It may be a bit of a cliché, but David Beckham always seems to get it right. He’s always impeccably groomed and looks good no matter what he’s wearing.

Have you ever had a grooming disaster?
Once when I was buying some duty free products, some of my GB team mates squirted me with every women’s perfume they could find and I ended up smelling like a tarts handbag. Needless to say the people sitting next to me on the plane weren’t too impressed!

1. Andy Turner

2. Nivea for Men Rehydrating Moisturiser £6.29 for 75ml at Boots

3. Colgate Advanced Whitening Toothpaste £3.79 at Superdrug

4. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male £53.00 fro 125ml EDT at House of Fraser

5. David Beckham

6. Wilkinson Sword Classic Razor £4.69 at Boots

7. L'Eau De Issey Pour Homme £38.30 for 75ml at Debenhams

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