Andy Jordan

‘Exercise! Nobody fancies a fat boy’

One of the newest additions to E4’s hit TV series Made In Chelsea is Andy Jordan. This fresh looking young gent describes himself as optimistic, driven and a little risky. Here at The Grooming Guide we’ve spotted him because he never has a hair out of place.

Broker by day and free spirit by night Andy Jordan also loves water sports, intact he’s so keen that he’ll be taking on the challenge of Stand Up Paddle boarding the length of the River Thames (approximately 200 miles!) this summer. His aim is admirable…to raise as much money as possible for The Prince’s Trust! To donate go to https://www.justgiving.com/AndrewPaddles/


Made in Chelsea has made you instantly recognisable on the social scene, has that changed the way you take care of your appearance, and if so how?
Fortunately, I have always taken pride in my appearance so the show hasn’t really changed this. However, I definitely spend more time on the basics (like shaving) before I leave the house.

What is your daily grooming routine?
I take about 15 minutes from bed to boardroom. I shower, shave and clean my teeth. That’s pretty much it!

What are your favourite fragrances both on yourself and others?
I only wear Bleu De Chanel. I recommend all men find a fragrance that they like, and more importantly women like, and then stick with it! For women I like Chanel No. 5, it’s mature, but also sexy!

When it comes to male grooming what’s the Chelsea look next summer?
In one word… classic! Think short sharp hair, and freshly shaved skin.

So you are stuck on a desert island, which three products can you not live without?
Three products on a desert island? Clarins Sun Cream, some Cocoa Butter and a Razor Blade. I could also use the Razor Blade for hunting prey.

Do you have any grooming tips that you can share with us?
Exercise! Nobody fancies a fat boy. Also, try not to get stuck in a routine, mix it up and keep shocking your body! I’m not a fan of the gym so I prefer to be outdoors and I run, swim, play football, basketball etc. I also like Stand Up Paddle Boarding, it’s the perfect full body work out. Also give Bikram Yoga a go, it’s torture but it seriously sorts the body out!

Do you have any icons in terms of their style and specifically grooming?
I love Johnny Depp’s style. He is effortlessly cool. But when it comes to grooming there’s really only one man that we all turn to: JAMES BOND, the perfect gent!

Have you suffered any grooming-related disasters in the past?
I cut myself regularly when shaving, and have had a small accident trimming downstairs if you know what I mean! As I wouldn’t want to end up like Ross in ‘Friends,’ I’ve never attempted a spray tan!

You love water sports, and sun exposure is unavoidable. Which suncream do you use?
I’ll grab whatever I find around the house. My skin tans quickly and doesn’t burn, but I’ll still wear my factor 20. Clarins sun cream is amazing, my mum buys it, but I’ll happily steal it.

Shower or bath with what and why?
I shower in the morning and bathe at night. Showers wake me up, and how shall I say it…well..baths are better with company!

Do you have a signature scent?
Bleu De Chanel.

Where are you happiest?
I’m most relaxed in the water, so preferably surfing. Waves can be hard to find in London, but I’m definitely happiest at the beach.

Which other guys on Made in Chelsea look good and why?
Proudlock looks the best on MIC. He stays fit and healthy, he’s always clean shaven and he has a very versatile style. Only one gripe, why can’t he lose that earring?!

Interview By Anastasia Georgakopoulou

1. Razor for a clean shaven look, and as a survival tool on a desert island

2. Chanel Bleu De Chanel EDT, £46.00 for 50ml, Available at Boots nationwide

3. Daniel Craig as the latest James Bond

4. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion, £3.77 for 250ml, Available at Boots stores nationwide

5. Chanel No. 5, £48.00 for 35ml, Available at John Lewis stores nationwide

6. Andy Jordan likes keeping a fit body through exercise

7. Clarins Sun Care Soothing Cream Moderate Protection UVB 20, £19.00 for 200ml, Available at Debenhams nationwide

8. Johnny Depp

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