Dunhill ICON £73 for 100mL
Dunhill's John Ray
Aesop Coriander Seed Body Cleanser £33 for 500mL
Elemis SOS Survival Cream Time for Men £46 for 50mL
Windle and Moodie Matte Paste £17.50 for 50mL
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from £10 from a selection at Holland and Barrett
Andrew Cooper's company Juiceman http://juiceman.co
Andrew Cooper
Diet Coke Anyone?
BLK Denm by Johan Lindeberg from a selection at www.allotmentstore.com

Andrew Cooper

‘Once a week I’ll do some trimming and scrubbing!’

Since his debut as a sweat soaked hunk on the cover of Wallpaper Magazine in 2003, Brit-born Andrew Cooper’s career has been on the rise. With campaigns for Dolce and Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, DKNY, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger under his belt, you might remember him best as THAT gardener in the Diet Coke ad campaign that had women everywhere in raptures.

As the dapper face of Dunhill’s ICON, Cooper’s piercing blue eyes and unassuming sexiness made him the perfect man to match this classic British brand. We recently grabbed a perch on the hot seat with him to discuss all things grooming, scent and wellbeing!

Bath or shower and with what?
Typically its a shower with the Aesop Coriander range or Kiehl’s. If its a bath then its Champions League football on the iPad and a glass of red wine.

What’s in your wash bag?
Elemis SOS Face Cream, Braun Electric Toothbrush, Floss, Kiehl’s Deodorant and Windle and Moodie Matte Paste. And of course Dunhill ICON – I’m pleased to be the face of this one as it smells immense.

Do you have a morning grooming routine?
Not really! I’m pretty quick and tend to shower half asleep, moisturise and put hair product on damp hair, then a quick spray of aftershave and I’m out. Once a week I will have a good look and see if I need to do some trimming and scrubbing.

Which type of products work for your skin?
Natural where possible. We use a lot of Organic Coconut Oil in our house for body moisturiser.

When it comes to washing and styling your hair what products work for you?
I use Aesop or Kiehl’s, although I will use a bottle of Burt Bees from the kids if its lying about. I have just started using some of Windle and Moodie’s new products, as my friend Kei cuts my hair there and they are great. I love the Thickening Cream and Matte Paste.

What types of scents do you prefer and are you loyal to one fragrance?
I like fragrances with multiple layers and a strong earthy tone. Prior to using Dunhill ICON I was using BLK Denim by Johan Lindberg. I think I’m always a sucker for things like Wood, Pepper and Cardamon, which both incorporate. I love ICON as it has these and Leather, Vetiver and Oud Wood. I am now a one fragrance man.

Tell us about Dunhill ICON?
Its a great fragrance and one I was thrilled to work on; I was in talks for other fragrances but they never would have been this cool. First of all the name is brilliant, and the bottle is so unique and also doubles up as a weapon and dumbbell! As for the scent I think its right up there with the greats like Tom Ford. John Ray has great taste and this oozes his class and the essence of the Dunhill man.

Do you have any grooming secrets (from a models perspective) that you would like to share?
If I’m honest I think grooming is about looking good and for me I don’t pay huge attention to manicuring myself. I am more concerned with what I eat and drink as this is the way you keep on top of your game. So much so, I started a Juice company called Juiceman which is a cold pressed juice company offering the ultimate organic Juices, Nut Milks, Health Shots and Cleanses. I am also always active whether it’s running, boxing or doing some yoga which keeps me fit in mind and body.

Have you had any grooming disasters?
I once had a sunbed disaster and burned the crown jewels before a Calvin Klein advertising shoot which is firmly planted as one of my career disasters. I ended up sitting on the air conditioner all night in my hotel in New York!

Have you ever had wet shave?
Yes I have and I like it. There is something great about the old school barber shops and shaves. I love Freemans Sporting Club in New York, it’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning and they also do great clothes. The Art of Shaving is also a great shop for all things to do with shaving.

What are your thoughts on beards?
I tend to have stubble always. I have never managed to go the full monty as I have to trim it for TV and modelling work regularly. I prefer a bit of scruff as it adds character and I also look about 10 years younger without it. I like to whip it off on the first day of a beach holiday, it feels good to get the sun and sea to your face.

What does being well-groomed mean to you?
Being clean and well presented. Its about the whole package and wellbeing as well as adding great products per occasion. Oh and wearing a great scent like Dunhill ICON.

Lastly, when are you at your happiest?
Either when I’m reading something great lying on a beach or running in a new city, exploring the coast and thinking through the day ahead. Oh and a good Sunday roast and the footie with friends is up there too.

1. Dunhill ICON £73 for 100mL

2. Dunhill's John Ray

3. Aesop Coriander Seed Body Cleanser £33 for 500mL

4. Elemis SOS Survival Cream Time for Men £46 for 50mL

5. Windle and Moodie Matte Paste £17.50 for 50mL

6. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from £10 from a selection at Holland and Barrett

7. Andrew Cooper's company Juiceman http://juiceman.co

8. Andrew Cooper

9. Diet Coke Anyone?

10. BLK Denm by Johan Lindeberg from a selection at www.allotmentstore.com

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