Truefitt & Hill’s Traditional Wet Shave

Here at The Grooming Guide we know that there are a few things that unite men of the past, present, and future. None so universal as a shave. Situated on the regal St. James Street, Truefitt & Hill shirks none of its illustrious history. On entry there is a sense of occasion and of a tradition. It was established in 1805 and was enjoyed by the likes of Winston Churchill and Oscar Wilde. Here at The Grooming Guide we also know that the services they offer are outstanding! However, just to be sure, we sent out a tester to get up close and personal with Truefitt for a Hot Wet Shave! Here he shares…

“On arrival I was courteously welcomed and directed to the waiting area then quickly escorted to my barbers chair. Whilst the blade was left to heat under a jet of steaming water, my barber, Ola (yes a lady!)  who began to prepare my face for a close shave.

Initially she wrapped a hot towel around my head leaving the heat and moisture to open up my pores. It also softened my beard and provided the levels of relaxation I am not used to on a  Monday morning! The  Ultimate Comfort Pre-Shave Oil was then tenderly massaged into my beard to nourish and lubricate before Ola worked rapidly to create  a dense lather using a Badger Hair Shaving brush combined with the Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream, which lifted the hairs and aided a smooth and more comfortable shave.

The blade, now sufficiently hot, effortlessly glided with the grain of my beard and the angles of my face. I was surprised that having such a sharp instrument to your neck is surprisingly calming at Truefitt’s. Post-shave my face was rinsed with cold water to close the pores before being patted dry. Lastly, Ola kneaded Ultimate Comfort Aftershave Balm into my velvet skin, explaining that its alcohol-free, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory composition would prevent shaving rash and keep my skin moisturised. Thanks Ola!”

Traditional Hot Wet Shave (30 min)

Tester: Lynden Lynnebank

Verdict: “The perfect Treat(ment) to start the day”

Price: £39.00

Available: 71 St James’s Street, London SW1A 1PH (Salons also in Toronto, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Beijing, contact details on website)


All products from the Wet Shave are from the  Truefitt and Hill Shaving Range (As pictured).


1. Trafalgar Range Aftershave Balm £25 from the shop 71 St James's Street or www.truefittandhill.co.uk

2. Pre-Shave Oil £16.50 for 60ml from the shop 71 St James's Street or www.truefittandhill.co.uk

3. Wellington Faux Ivory Shave Brush made with Badger Hair £55 from the shop 71 St James's Street or www.truefittandhill.co.uk

4. Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream £15 from the shop 71 St James's Street or www.truefittandhill.co.uk

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