Perfect Guy-Brows

“A hairy caterpillar nestling above your eyes is no longer acceptable!”

Let’s face facts guys that hairy caterpillar nestling above your eyes is no longer acceptable! Well groomed guys know that tidy brows are not only central to looking well groomed, they can also dramatically change the appearance of our faces. So if your eyebrows are unruly, consider this your call to action! Relax guys, fact is most men do need some kind of eyebrow maintenance.

Face Shape
Changing the shape of your brows can dramatically alter the way your face looks, so make sure to look in the mirror before you choose your plan of attack. Round faces will suit a more curved brow, whilst longer thinner ones demand wider straighter brows…you get the idea! As Craig Smith Brand Communication Director at Ted Baker says “Well shaped brows can accentuate your eyes and structure your face shape” 

Don’t even think about it, tempting as it may be to attack your furry friend with a disposable razor, the reality is shaving your eyebrows is never a quick fix. You will start to regret your actions as soon as your brows grow back darker and more vigorously!

Do consider this, but may we suggest that you leave this to a professional. Although there may be home kits available we have tested them and both the execution and results can be comedic.

Threading is a traditional and straightforward way of shaping the brow. Savvy guys know the nation is already dotted with barbershops and beauty salons that already offer this service, and yes, the guys taking up this procedure come from ALL walks of life! A line of hair is simply trapped between a twisted double strand of cotton thread, before being removed rapidly and with precision. Results can be dramatic“Eyebrows frame the contours of your face and eyes that’s why a brow shape can make guys look years younger in just 15 minutes” explains Shavata founder of the Shavata Brow Studio at the Urban Retreat at Harrods.

As we age most men may develop a few longer flyaway hairs on their brow. All that is needed in this case is a steady had and a sharp pair of small scissors, simply comb the brow to locate the offending hairs and trim in the direction of hair growth. it goes without saying, tread gently. “If you suffer from extreme eyebrow overgrowth seek professional advice from a beautician”advises Tracey Cant at Premier

After a professional shape why not keep things in check by tweezing? Start by investing in the right kit! A great pair of tweezers will have contact between both sides, and unlike your old rusty pair will not yank hair from the root. Work in the direction of hair growth removing one hair at a time, start from the underside of the brow move to the outerside, then replicate your handiwork on the other brow. Rather like shaving this is best done after a bather or shower as our pores are open which makes tweezing easier and pain free. But be careful guys tweeze too often, and you could create a kind of male-pattern baldness in your eyebrows. Our Grooming Girls prefer their men to be men, even on the most macho of blokes an overplucked brow is just plain wrong!

1. Tweezer Man Browshaping Scissors and Brush £19.25 amazon.co.uk

2. Eyebrows left unchecked!

3. Brow Brush and Comb approx £8.00 www.hakuhodousa.com

4. Threading in progress

5. Tweerman Tweezers approx £20.00 from Boots

6. Revitabrow Eyebrow Conditioner approx £80.00 The Refinery at Harrods

7. Tweezing from underneath the brow

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