Errol Douglas MBE

His sizzling status on the mens hairdressing scene has seen Errol Douglas give stellar cuts to both Lenny Kravitz AND Brad Pitt, no wonder he received an MBE …. Continue

(L-R) Nicholas K, Marc Jacobs and John Vavartos (L-R) Nicholas K, Marc Jacobs and John Vavartos

Long Lustrous Locks

Maybe it’s this years 21st anniversary of Nirvanas’ album Nevermind or perhaps Brad Pitts appearance at the Oscars? Whichever way you look at it, long locks are having a moment. Continue

Meadham Kirchoff – Colour Splash Hair

Sick of slick side parts? Worried that the ‘Mad Men’ look is too sane and conservative? Then why not experiment with colour? It’s a trend that’s been bubbling up Continue

Cream of The Cuts

We asked the people who really know what they’re talking about when it comes to hair. Don’t worry, mullets are definitely off the agenda…. Continue

Adrien Brody and Jean Dujardin Adrien Brody and Jean Dujardin

Award Winning Hair 2012

From Oscar nominees George Clooney & Jean Dujardin, to Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne, never before have so many key grooming directions emerged from our leading men in one season. Continue

Classic Cuts Classic Cuts

Classic Cuts – Short, Sharp & Shiny

Whether you want a 1920’s undercut like Eddie Redmayne in Birdsong or a 1950’s pompadour like David Beckham, you are in good company. Stylish guys have never wanted their hair to look so ‘nostalgic’ and the rules couldn’t be more simple, just keep it short, sharp and shiny! Continue

Melogy/St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Admit it guys when we are busy, looking good can drop down our list of priorities. That’s why Melogy, the men’s grooming expert based at London’s iconic St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, has launched a new festive service called ‘The Reveller’ … Continue

Hair Loss? Not Anymore!

“Thank god for Wayne Rooney!” It’s not often we find ourselves saying this at The Grooming Guide, but it appears that 25 year old Rooney’s efforts at addressing his rapidly diminishing hairline has greatly removed the stigma of what to … Continue

Ted’s Grooming Room

Building on the success of his Holborn and Cheapside branches, we are proud to announce that Ted Baker has opened his third location on Avery Row in London’s Mayfair. It was on the back streets of Istanbul, not London, that Ted discovered the joys of the traditional turkish shave. Continue

How To Tackle Hair Loss

There will come a time in every man’s life when his follicles will fail him. Thankfully The Grooming Guide is on hand and we know that with careful styling and the right cut, it’s still possible to feel younger and more confident with less hair. Here with the help of our experts we suggest some sure fire ways to improve your appearance…. instantly! Continue