Dunhill Bourdon House Barber Station Dunhill Bourdon House Barber Station

The Barber – Alfred Dunhill’s Bourdon House

Any gentleman worth his salt is familiar with Alfred Dunhill’s attention to fine detail. But how many of us know that this signature can also extend to a classic cut-throat wet shave or a haircut? Infact The Barber at Alfred Dunhill forms part of the considered service offered at Bourdon House in Mayfair Continue

Beauty Works West – Dracula Therapy (PRP Treatment) by Dr Daniel Sister

Of all the things that scare us the most when it comes to ageing, hair loss must rank high up on the list. In our youthful heyday we mocked… Continue

Bouffe It Like Beckham!

When it comes to grooming inspiration it doesn’t get much better than David Beckham. Sure he may have committed some style crimes in the past (see our timeline) but here at Grooming Towers we reckon that David Beckham continues to give good … Continue

Vinci Hair Clinic – Hair Loss Solutions

If you’re worried about hair loss, relax you are in good company! Sadly for some guys the process can start as early as their late teens and its emotional effects can be pretty acute. Continue

Charles Worthington , The Broadgate Club – Full Wash, Cut & Finish

Have you heard of The Broadgate Club? Perhaps not but it’s sure making waves in the world of male grooming! Smack bang in the middle of Londons fast paced business district it’s the stylish home of.. Continue


Gone are the days of 70s peekaboo forest chest hair and ‘hi there’ to the more Abercrombie & Fitch waxed Ken kind of look. It’s a transition that has been long… Continue

Gatsby Grooming

So you’ve seen the film and you might even be sartorially smarter as a result, but can we tell you a secret? There’s no point sporting a bow tie and spats if you haven’t got the basics covered.. Continue

Melogy – St Pancras Barber Shop

Who would have guessed that tucked away in the hustle and bustle of London’s St Pancreas Station is a small but perfectly formed barbers shop…..? Continue

Male Model Hair…..Come And Get It!

Sick of looking the same day in day out? Don’t know how to make a change? Then start at the top, choosing the right hairstyle is a great way to refresh your look and also show that you are bang on trend. Continue

Penhaligon's with Jack the Clipper, Canary Wharf, Cabot Place Unit R250 E14 5AB Penhaligon's with Jack the Clipper, Canary Wharf, Cabot Place Unit R250 E14 5AB

Penhaligon’s & Jack the Clipper in Canary Wharf

Working with Penhaligon’s, Jack The Clipper are onto something big. In fact, positioning a chic barber shop within a luxury perfumers makes so much sense we here at The Grooming Guide are amazed it hasn’t been tried anywhere before. We’ll let that sink in for a second. This joint venture is absolutely the first of its kind and if that can’t tempt you to pay a visit to the Penhaligons Canary Wharf store, perhaps the outstanding service will.