Braun cruZer precision, £11.99 at
Braun cruZer body, £41.99 at
Hairstylist Daniel Johnson
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Fabio Vivan


‘The Chelsea Flower Show of all manscaping’

Gone are the days of 70s peekaboo forest chest hair and ‘hi there’ to the more Abercrombie & Fitch waxed Ken kind of look. It’s a transition that has been long in the making but nowadays we see 62% of British men aged 25-45 ‘manscaping’ – consider it a sort of landscaping for your body hair. Here at The Grooming Guide we like to keep things light and breezy and research shows that shaving your chest can help you feel more hygienic, more confident and more sexy. Convinced?

Braun have held the Chelsea Flower Show of all manscaping, with help from hairstylist Daniel Johnson (who has an eyebrow-raising client list including Ashley Cole and Gareth Bale). After an inspiring visit to Stonehenge, Braun decided it was time to pick up the razor for something a little less conventional.

We love how Braun have made Monday a grooming Fun-day with their experimental stance; Daniel Johnson chose intricate skylines and iconic landmarks as his point of reference. With an average of two and a half hours of complex ‘manscaping’ per design, Daniel used four different shaving tools from the Braun cruZer face and body range including facial shavers for extreme precision trimming. If you fancy a chest like these guys, upload your intricate body hair art designs on Twitter using the hashtag #BraunManscapes. Smooth.

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1. Braun cruZer precision, £11.99 at

2. Manscaping

3. Braun cruZer body, £41.99 at

4. Hairstylist Daniel Johnson

5. Braun cruZer face, £34.99 at

6. Fabio Vivan

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