Lockonego - 394 Kings Road, London SW10 0LN
Lockonego's Busy Interior
Lockonego Brush Collection
Jonathan Long (left) & Ben Cooke (right)
Lockonego Salon Interior


‘At the cutting edge of what’s hot’

With so many unique enterprises gunning for your attention it can be tough for a salon to make its mark. Not so Lockenego, with its unique combination of experience and ingenuity. Co-owners Ben Cooke and Jonathan Long have given us a salon with an almighty edge over the competition.

The sleek state of the art interior and understated vibe of this salon may suggest that its owners have absolutely nothing to prove, but we reckon that what really makes this place is it’s warm welcome and busy atmosphere, think the same buzz as the local salon you’ve been visiting for years. Combine this with a knowledge of current hair trends and a huge roster of celebrities under their belt and the owners’ influence of international style and fashion, you can be assured that the dynamic duo Cooke and Long along with their team are at the cutting edge of what’s hot and what’s not.

During our tester’s visit there was also just about the most eclectic mix of peeps we’ve ever seen in a salon, from young children to model types, so you can be sure that they’ve seen it all and if you’re after something specific, they’ll know exactly what you want. Our tester was lucky enough to be seen to by Jonathan Long himself, and needless to say, he nailed it.

He seemed to know exactly what our tester was after as soon as he had taken stock of face shape and pre-existing length, but hey, that’s what a ton of experience and a spectacular styling CV will do for you!In fact, if we didn’t know better we would have been convinced of his psychic abilities.

Tom Rhys

The verdict: The perfect combination of friendly service and star-studded credentials
The price: Ranging from £38 cut & blow dry with Graduate stylist to £90 for cut & blow dry with Ben Cooke. Prices vary at weekends
Book: Head to www.lockonego.com

1. Lockonego - 394 Kings Road, London SW10 0LN

2. Lockonego's Busy Interior

3. Lockonego Brush Collection

4. Jonathan Long (left) & Ben Cooke (right)

5. Lockonego Salon Interior

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