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Hanz De Fuko Quicksand Hair Wax £16.00 for 56gm at Harvey Nichols
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Here at The Grooming Guide, when it comes to hair care products, there are ranges to like and range to love…happily for Hanz de Fuko they fall into the latter category! Created in San Francisco in 2009, Hanz de Fuko is the brainchild of friends David Alfonso and Christopher Zent and we salute them for creating a fun brand of one of a kind hair care products that really stand out in an increasingly corporate grooming industry!

Our go to product from the range is ‘Quicksand’ an innovative mixture of styling wax and dry shampoo, we like the fact that it gives a ‘high’ hold, and also contains a soft, granular pumice like rock, to banish excess oil.

So what sets Hanz de Fuko apart from other brands?
We hope that we create amazing, ‘one of a kind’ hair care products that also serve as a wonderful testament to the artist and personal stylist in all of us. By creating fun products we encourage experimentation and creativity, we are presenting something that not only sounds and looks different but also injects a real sense of playfulness and positivity.

Do you think more guys are taking care of their appearance?
Yes for sure. There’s been a big growth in the male grooming sector and a wider demographic of guys are now concerned with looking good, taking care of their skin and their hair, and starting to think about this from a younger age. You might say guys are under the same pressure now as women have been for so long.

Which guys real or fictional encapsulate your brand?
We’re told we have a number of admirers including Calvin Harris, Simon Baker, Bruno Mars, Hugh Jackman and David Beckham. It’s great that these guys are now being more creative in terms of self-expression and there’s no stigma to taking good care of yourself and looking the business. As we’re all about individuality so this pleases us…

Finally, what’s your desert island product and why?
Just one? Can I take Quicksand for my hair and my phone with a fail-safe signal booster to call for rescue if it all gets too much?

Nick Cox

1. Hanz De Fuko Logo

2. Pots of Joy

3. Hanz De Fuko Quicksand Hair Wax £16.00 for 56gm at Harvey Nichols

4. San Francisco Skyline

5. Bruno Mars

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