Hair Loss? Not Anymore!

“Thank god for Wayne Rooney!”

It’s not often we find ourselves saying this at The Grooming Guide, but it appears that 25 year old Rooney’s efforts at addressing his rapidly diminishing hairline has greatly removed the stigma of what to do about premature hair loss. At the same time giving us an opportunity to acknowledge the widespread nature of this condition, and more importantly, summarise the possible solutions available. These solutions are as varied as their price points, but whats encouraging is whether we’re talking in the hundreds or the (celebrity) thousands, positive results are now on the up!

By age 35, 40% of men experience noticeable hairloss, this rises to 65% by age 60, and with male life expectancies increasing there’s now no excuse to grin & bare it whilst dreading every head massage & shampoo. Surgery is not for the faint-hearted or financially shy, as successful hair transplants (performed in the UK or USA) run to the thousands.  Wayne’s newly bestowed subtle crowning glory apparently comes in at a whopping £32,000, not a problem for a premiership wage, but not a cost we can all stretch to?  Well we’re delighted to report there are alternatives, which your scalp & wallet will both be delighted with. Whether addressing the problem through medication, topical lotions or non-invasive surgery, modern results offer a more naturalistic finish & if they don’t create new growth they definitely halt the loss of remaining hair.

Propecia is one of the more popular oral solutions taken in tablet form, but may take upto 2 years to show an overall result.  It promotes itself as the non-surgical answer to halting male pattern baldness/premature hairloss & is most beneficial to those who want an easy straightforward regime, although the results based on widespread user feedback are more of a halting rather than re-growing nature.  Available on prescription, for further information check out www.propeciauk.com

Regaine & Folliegn are both derivatives of Minoxidil, one of the most popular topical application products & are designed to address the hormonal cause of premature hairloss.  Simple to integrate into the grooming routine, (whether it’s a shampoo, serum or hair mousse) and competitively priced, the Minoxidil based products primarily halt & then slowly reverse male pattern baldness, depending on individual cases.  Some users have noticed though that as soon as use of the products is stopped, hairloss continues with the normalising of testosterone, so there is a slight ‘addictive’ nature to the Minoxidil approach.  Over the counter availability is a plus factor with Minoxidil based products, which are widely available in the UK www.regaine.co.uk

Addressing the follicular cause of hair loss as opposed to hormonal seems to be the solution & this is where Dr Veronique Simon & her Scalp Therapy Treatment is unique in its approach & results.  Dr. Simon’s Anti-Alopecic Mesotherapy consists of a course of multiple scalp surface micro-injections, containing a patented formula of vitamins, Tricalcic Phosphate, Stem cells (blood platelets with growth factors) derived from the individual patient, all of which stimulate the production of neo-collagen, and therefore prevent the aging of the follicle. Anti-alopecia mesotherapy revitalizes the activity of the hair shaft, allowing the hair to continue to be nourished, reinforcing its hold, strengthening it and most key fortifying re-growth. The treatment is completed by a scalp massage with SIMONTHÉRAPIE® GOLD HAIR CARE, a lotion of Acetyltetrapeptide 3 and essential oils enriched with 24 carat gold micrometric particles (renowned for their microcirculation, & Follicle/shaft stimulating properties).  Long term visible results are noticeable after four sessions, when supported with the home-use Gold Hair Care Product.    Individual sessions with Dr Veronique Simon at her central London practice £440 www.simontherapie.com for information

Dr Stephen Whiteson is one of the UK’s foremost specialists on halting & reversing the signs of hairloss & has documented success with an approach which utilises an oral medication & topical lotion approach. The Prescription only tablet is a 5alpha reductase enzyme blocker. This was first licensed in the USA in 1997 and is now available in more than 40 countries – testament to its efficiency in halting hairloss. If taking the tablet only: After 2 years, 32% of patients experience moderately or greatly increased re-growth, whilst 90% of patients have no deterioration in hair loss. By 5 years, 65% have no deterioration in hair loss.  For optimum results Dr Whiteson advocates the use of a lotion that increases the blockade of the 5alpha reductase enzyme to be used in conjunction with the tablet. With the Tablet & lotion approach 90% of patients experience a 30% (cosmetically  significant) increased re-growth, whilst halting continued hairloss. A years supply of the lotion is £800, with the tablets at £350 for a years supply, which makes Dr Whiteson’s non-surgical approach an appealing option over time. Further info at www.drwhitesonhairlossclinic.co.uk

Whether its salon treatments, oral medications, or an easy home-use product regime, grinning & baring premature hair-loss is certainly no longer an option!

By: Paul Bhari
Additional Research: Chelsea Lily Quartey

1. Hair Loss

2. Wayne Rooney

3. Simon Therapy Gold Hair Care about £100 at www.simontherapie.com

4. Regaine For Men about £44 for 3 months supply at Boots

5. Propecia about £195 for 1 mg at www.totalpharmacy.co.uk

6. Dr. Veronique Simon

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