Errol Douglas MBE

‘I’m about the can’t copy cut’

Errol Douglas MBE began his incredible journey working in a hairdressers in East London. Soon after achieving his first qualification at Roger Heart (aged just 16) he exploded onto the hairdressing field. The role of Artistic Director at Neville Daniel followed, and six years later he opened his own salon in 1998. His sizzling status on the mens hairdressing scene has seen him give stellar cuts to both Lenny Kravitz AND Brad Pitt, no wonder he received an MBE from the Queen for his outstanding contribution to hairdressing!

If you think that Errol just cuts hair for a living, you would be overlooking his session styling which has been featured countless times in the World’s glossiest magazines, and also his appointment as the first ever UK & Ireland Brand Ambassador for Moroccanoil. This award-winning Guyanese-British hair stylist is now building on his success with new salon openings in New York and Paris. What better time to catch up with the man himself to find out the grooming routine behind his immaculate success!

When is your first memory of having a specific interest in hair?
I had a home salon as a kid and even had a wait list of local friends wanting their hair done. I honestly can’t remember a time when hair wasn’t my first preoccupation.

Did you always want to be a hair stylist?
Absolutely, I always knew, and it was a mission from a very early age. I first stepped foot in a salon as an assistant at 11, and have been focused on learning, then teaching for every decade since. I wasn’t confused. I had cuttings, magazines and dreams of the kind of work I wanted to learn how to create.

You are well known for your celebrity clients, who are the sharpest looking men you have had the pleasure of styling?
All my male clients are sharp, among those with a profile I’ve had the pleasure of styling: Twilight Actor Edi Gathegi, Lenny Kravitz, Forrest Whitaker and Brad Pitt.

In terms of men, does black hair need special attention?
Sure afro hair needs extra hydration to maintain health and good definition of curl. I recommend our industry’s game changer the classic original Morrocanoil Treatment Oil and the Curl Control Crème – only requires a tiny amount of both.

Were you excited to be named as the first UK & Ireland Brand Ambassador for Moroccanoil?
It’s an honour and really exciting as it matches my own ethos so well. I have been a fan of the range since it launched – because it delivers. Rather like my salon it delivers a high end finish across all hair types.

Why do you think Moroccanoil has had such worldwide success?
This product has changed the way the industry and clients view oil in hair. The potency and purity of the Argan oil in all products in the range means that it’s both a styling and a conditioning tool – brilliant.

If you were associated with one look – mens or women’s hairstyle – what would it be?
According to my clients and industry friends, I’m about the “can’t copy” cut that is unique to the individual’s particular hair movement (even if it’s an established style) with a luxury gloss of a finish.

What would you say your favourite shampoo and conditioner are?
Morrocanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner – the shampoo uses a highly concentrated, water-loving formula, so I use plenty of water to activate into a rich, luxurious lather, and massage through the hair and scalp. It really does create the blank canvas required for high end styling. The conditioner gives excellent hydration regularly without heaviness.

Are there any other haircare products you would recommend?
Tangle teaser – Simple concept, but revolutionary for the comb out pre-styling. All male grooming tools are not created equal – it’s a WAHL finish for me. Ditto brushes, you want a brush that aids styling, that contributes in some way. Again, the Morrocanoil brushes have a ceramic/ion system that repels water for quicker drying so less heat time on hair and a handy hair parter hidden in the handle.

We’re very excited about your ‘Project Bell Boy’ – what can you tell our readers about this?
If I were a hotel I’d want to be a Thompson Hotel – they’re low key edge, innovative in their approach to their properties and very “city” in their locations. It made sense to work with them for a new look collaboration and to build a guest experience around a stylish stay that partners Belgraves and Errol Douglas salon. We’re looking forward to launching cool projects in other Thompson properties based around our mutual love of style so will keep you posted.

You have accomplished so much already – what’s next for Errol Douglas?
I’m looking at two of my favourite cities, where many of my clients also spend time and want the Errol Douglas Experience in situ: New York in the next year, and Paris after that. My overall mission hasn’t changed, it’s the best part of all this – nurturing talent. Those that have come through my salon, those here now, and those out there to spot. Frankly it’s an honour to guide and champion that talent, see them go on to their own stunning projects and demonstrate time and again why the hair industry here in the UK is so influential in the style arena.

The Errol Douglas Salon is located at 18 Motcomb Street, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 8LB. Website: www.erroldouglas.com.

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