Blow me

“Reach for the blow-dryer and tame the beast”

Maybe you leave the house feeling pulled together only to arrive at the office looking less than polished, or perhaps you are just sick of the wet patches on the back of your shirt. Either way towel drying isn’t for you. If you want a full and thick head of effortless looking hair that looks stylish and groomed for longer, then reach for the blow-dryer and tame the beast!

Relax, using a hair dryer is no longer the ultimate sign of male vanity. Groomed guys (think Robert Pattinson’s relaxed quiff or Matt Smith’s ‘Doctor Do’) combine heat with judicious use of product to get the styles they want. Fact is when you hair is wet it will go back to its natural state, so adding styling product after showering will make your style not last. Put simply, combining heat and product will lock in your chosen style and make it last longer.

Here is how to approach the modern blow dry, it really is instinctive but here are a few tips:

-Start on the lowest setting, it will give you more control and time to shape.
-Ditch the brush and have some fun with your fingers, use your free hand to create the shape you want.
-Add product a little as you go.
-If you want more volume or lift just turn up the heat.

1. Ultima 5000 Pro Hairdryer £79.99 sallyexpress.com "Fast, quiet and powerful with ergonomic design and a masculine black finish."

2. LAB Series Nutriplexx Hair and Scalp Protector 100ml £16.50 House of Fraser "Controls hair, boosts body, shine and manageability, while helping to protect hair against sun damage."

3. Worzel Gummidge

4. Kevin Murphy Full On Protection Texture Spray 150ml £15.95 01179 270434 " Adds texture with added defence against the heat generated by styling appliances."

5. Robert Pattinson: GQ/Nathaniel Goldberg

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