How To Tackle Your Spring Beard

“It’s time to get to grips with your beard and unleash its power.”

A well groomed beard can add shape to a thin face or give a fuller face definition. The young can even gain a couple of years and an air of authority.

HOWEVER, left unchecked a beard will give the appearance that its owner also has no purpose.

There is a fine line in grooming, it divides the artfully disheveled from those who look like they have given up on life. Do not cross it!

A GOOD BEARD deserves commitment so wash daily and use hot flannels to steam clean the skin underneath.

MODERN BEARDS are trimmed or clippered twice a week minimum. The best are blended/faded out by hand with scissors and a comb. Get practising.

MARK YOUR TERRITORY your beard should never either combine with your chest hair or end abruptly anywhere, particularly your jaw line! Keep your upper cheeks clean and finish things off around your adams apple.

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