Getting The Right Cut

“The most crucial element to looking good and looking groomed is getting the right cut”

Our hairstyles are increasingly how we choose to express ourselves. They can flatter our faces, shave off the years and even make us appear more intelligent. So why is getting one so difficult?

BE REALISTIC hairdressers or barbers are not a magicians, the amount of hair and its type (tight curls, long and limp) will limit what options are open to you.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK as with any worthwhile project, do your research. What works for you? Do you want George Clooney’s slick style or Daniel Craig’s choppy crop? Who are your grooming heroes? Get on the net and surf for inspiration, some celebrity links will even lead direct to their groomers.

TAKE A PICTURE with you. Increasingly men are making use of inspiration. Your stylist will not be offended and it will help them understand you where words may not.

TIME how long are you prepared to spend on your new style? Are you looking for a cut that’s high or low maintenance?  Decide and let your hairdresser know.

COMMUNICATE a little about who you are and your lifestyle. Are you a media type or a more conservative office worker. A good hairdresser/barber will also make sure you get the right cut for your hair, face shape and personality too.

ACT YOUR AGE and ask yourself… do I really want to look like an ageing boy band member in my 40s. If I am in my 20s, do I want to look like I have been to my dad’s barber?

ASK AROUND if you like a friend’s hair, find out who cuts it and pay them a visit.


The person who cuts your hair will know how you should care for it, ask for their advice. How should you wash, dry and style it etc.?
If you like your new cut, it’s important to get organised and know when to get a trim. A well groomed guy will monitor time between trims and mark it in his diary. He knows that there is a fine line between appearing sexy and slightly unkempt and looking like he can;t take care of himself.

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