hair tips

Getting The Right Cut

Our hairstyles are increasingly how a we choose to express ourselves. They can flatter our faces, shave off the years and even make us appear more intelligent. So why is getting one so difficult? Continue

Choosing The Right Products

The right styling product is a well groomed guys secret weapon. Even on the shortest of buzz cuts a small blob of wax can add shine and an instantly more polished look. Continue

Having Great Hair (Part 1 – Shampoo)

Clean hair is sexy hair. Modern living leaves a rapid build up of dirt and grime on your hair so the most important step in any hair care regime is shampooing. The best hair is hair that is clean shiny and is manageable. Continue

Having Great Hair (Part 2 – Conditioner)

Brushing, blow-drying even adverse weather conditions can damage the hair’s outer surface so use a hair conditioner to lock in moisture and prevent the hair from becoming dry and brittle. Continue