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Sophy Robson

‘It is acceptable now for straight men to be into grooming’

As one of the most celebrated manicure artists in the UK Sophy Robson has created nails for magazines including British and French Vogue and Elle. She’s also been involved with runway shows for Louis Vuitton, Henry Holland and Stella McCartney. Fashion insiders love her as much for her endless technical skills as her bubbly personality, with supermodel fans including Kate Moss.

She’s no stranger to dealing with male clients. The repertoire at her Chelsea salon has now been expanded to include the Gentleman’s Relish, a manicure designed exclusively for men. So if your nails are looking neglected, then having a treatment might be the best £48 you could spend.

What is the most common mistake men make with their grooming?
Bad fake tan or in some cases any fake tan!

Why do you think more guys are making an effort with their appearance?
It is acceptable now for straight men to be into grooming. I did a shoot with David Beckham last year and as I was doing his manicure I said “you do realise it was you who made men getting manicures ok?” Rappers show off about it and we are always reading about men trying treatments in the media – even nail art for example.

Do many men visit you for manicures? Should they?
Yes! We have had hair royalty Didier Malige pay my salon a visit. He wanted to know where to get a good manicure. Sometimes on shoots the guys are queueing up for me to do a manicure on them before I’ve finished the models.

What type of men have manicures? What make celebs have manicures?
Since I have been working in the nail industry I have seen the rise in popularity with both gay and straight. I recently did a shoot with Duran Duran and they requested a dripping blood nail design.

What’s one product you use that a guy could benefit from?
Moisturiser probably.

A treatment they might enjoy?
Pedicure – the medi pedi at my salon is called The Gentlemens Relish.

Does the guy in your life borrow any products from you? Should he?
They are always asking me for hand cream and hair products. Ive even had to apply concealer before!

Do you have a favourite male fragrance?
Versace Blue Jeans, my first true love from the 90’s wore it – still makes me swoon.

What fragrance do you wear?
I don’t – I went off perfume years ago when I worked for Bliss Spa years ago as we were told the scent could be offputting to our clients. I realised how overwhelming they are which is kind of ironic given how many perfume ads I work on.


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1. Male manicure

2. Versace Blue Jeans

3. David Beckham

4. Bliss Spa

5. Didier Malige

6. Lab Series Oil Control Daily Hydrator

7. Duran Duran

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