Lucy Pinder

“Look after the basics, skin, teeth, hair and nails, it really is important!”

Bombshell Lucy Pinder was discovered in the summer of 2003 by a freelance photographer while sunbathing on Bournemouth beach. The photographs taken that day enabled her to sign a professional modelling contract with the Daily Star newspaper, they also catapulted her into the public eye. Unlike most other glamour models Lucy did not fully reveal her breasts in photo shoots for several years, she first posed nude for Nuts in April 2007. Having famously appearing in Celebrity Big Brother series six her current projects include running a weekly advice column in Nuts entitled “The Truth About Women.” Lucy has also embarked on a television career.

What is your favourite smell on a man?
My current favourites are Prada Amber Pour Homme and Boss Bottled Night, they’re both very sensual and masculine scents.

What is the most common mistake a man makes with his grooming?
I think the most common mistakes are either neglecting or obsessing over appearance. For me a mans grooming should be kept clean, classic and subtle. Good personal hygiene is a must, body odour isn’t a good scent on anyone, so spritz a little bit of antiperspirant like Lynx Extra Dry on your underarms when you get out of the shower.

In what way could guys improve their appearance?
I say look after the basics, skin, teeth, hair and nails, it really is important. Moisturiser is essential to keep your skin looking well conditioned and at its absolute best.

So what does well groomed mean to you?
For me a well groomed guy is someone who looks clean and healthy and has a classic sense of styling and grooming, you don’t by any means have to look immaculate. I think Ryan Reynolds and George Clooney always look effortlessly well turned out.

Is there one product you use that you would recommend to the guy in your life?
I love Dermalogica products like their Clearing Face Wash and their Daily Microfoliant. And invest in a good moisturiser that suits your skin type.

1. Prada Amber Pour Homme £64.50 for 100ml John Lewis

2. Ryan Reynolds

3. Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash £10.00 for 50ml www.beautyflash.co.uk

4. Boss Bottled Night £37.00 for 50ml House of Fraser

5. George Clooney

6. Lynx Excite Body Spray £2.91 for 150ml Boots

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