Hayley face-masqueing
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Bobby from The Only Way Is Essex
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Face masque
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London Beauty Queen – Hayley Carr

‘No girl wants to stand next to a guy who’s spent longer looking in the mirror!’

The London Beauty Queen (aka Hayley Carr) is a beauty blogger extraordinare, with insider knowledge aplenty. Her unique background as a brand manager in the cosmetics industry means she’s a know-it-all in the best sense and we couldn’t wait to rack her brains on all things grooming!

What we love about Hayley is that she gets down to business on her blog – does the product really do what it says and is it worth the money? Her honesty and her beauty wisdom make her a go-to for any grooming conundrums. Since starting her blog in April 2010 as a hobby, Hayley has since won the P&G Beauty and Grooming Award for Best Beauty Blog in 2013, and was named The Rodial Beautiful Award’s Best Blog in 2012. You’ll find her judging loads of renowned competitions not least the British Hairdressing Awards. Nowadays she works on her blog full-time alongside public speaking and working as a social media manager and strategist…thanks for the chat Hayley!

As a beauty insider do you have a life-hack beauty tip/product you’d care to share?
If you cleanse your skin thoroughly, morning and night, you’ll save yourself a lot of aggro in the long term. Your makeup will always look much better when it’s applied over an even and healthy base, so look after the canvas and the paints will perform much better! My top tip is to use a great cleansing balm and warm clean flannel before bed – it takes less time than a face wipe and is 100 times more effective.

What do you think are the best products for blemishes and spots?
It’s all in the prevention, rather than the cure. I’m currently loving Biore’s charcoal cleanser, which helps draw out impurities and leaves skin feeling amazing. A weekly masque will also help minimise damage from excess (sugar, alcohol, late nights) and you can always top up with a little targeted spot treatment. I love Indemne and Clinique spot treatments, because they don’t damage the skin around the infected area.

To botox or not to botox?
Technology has moved on so much now that the majority of people don’t even need to use botox – simply invest in great skincare and visit a facialist. Botox provides that scary frozen face look, whereas having a great facial will leave you looking fabulous but understated. I want to age looking like myself, so I’m personally staying away from the needles.

What do you think is one of the worst mistakes a guy can make in terms of his grooming?
Doing too much! No girl wants to stand next to a guy who’s spent longer and used more products perfecting his look than her. The key is to use a little amount of hair styling crème, a subtle spritz of scent and a pea-sized amount of moisturizer – you’ll look and smell effortlessly cool.

What grooming tip do you think boosts a guy’s confidence?
Like with women, the key to looking and feeling great starts with your skin. If you look after the base then the rest will follow – a lightweight moisturiser will help target dehydrated, dull and sallow areas, while adding radiance. It will also help your stubble to look even better and minimise the appearance of dark circles.

Which of these is an acceptable treatment for guys – fake tan/eyelash tint/threading/fake tan?
I think everything is acceptable if it’s something that makes you feel better! As long as you don’t tan to excess or dye your brows like Bobby from TOWIE, you’re good. Beauty is all about enhancing what you’ve got and making yourself feel great, so go for it!

As a top blogger you receive and review loads of products, which product do you think is worth splurging on?
For a woman, definitely foundation. It’s worth investing in a base that will work for you and provide confidence that money can’t buy; I personally love Bare Minerals, Clinique and Clarins for great base products. For guys, it’s a great moisturiser. Looking after your skin in your 20s and 30s will pay dividends in the years that follow, so look out for targeted skincare that’s lightweight and counteracts free radicals (the damaging forces the environment throws at us.) It’s becoming more and more acceptable for guys to spend as much on their skincare routine as women, so there are some incredible products available.

Do you think social media is affecting guys’ relationships with their appearance? If so, how?
I think now we’re all posting endless photos and selfies across social platforms, we’re all a little bit more obsessed with our appearance; I don’t think it’s impacted guys alone. It’s natural to want to look good in photos, but the rise of social media has lead us all to worry about being tagged in a not-so-flattering shot. We’re an image led society, so I personally think it’s only the way we digest information and present ourselves that’s changed – rather than the relationship with our appearance itself.

When it comes to male grooming, do you think there is a ‘London’ look?
London is so varied that there’s not one look that sums the city up. The great thing about the capital is that you can be whoever you want to be and nobody even looks twice. Of course you’ve got the hipster lot, the Clapham set and an expanding bearded community, among many others, but I definitely think that you can be who you want to be and it’s all gravy.

What’s your favourite scent on a man and on yourself?
I love a man to smell like a man – woody, musky, rich scents that make me weak at the knees. Although there are loads of great scents you can pick up on the high street, I personally love it when a man smells a little unique or has picked up a scent from a little boutique.

Do you use any mens products? Or have the guys in your life ever borrowed any products from you?
I don’t use any male grooming products, but my boyfriend frequently uses my skincare products and spot treatments! I have a plethora of things to choose from, so he relies on my stash to meet his every need.

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1. Hayley face-masqueing

2. Dove Men+Care Moisturiser Hydrate +, £5.99 available at Boots

3. Botox

4. London

5. Shay & Blue Oud Alif, £85 for 100ml available at John Lewis

6. Bobby from The Only Way Is Essex

7. Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions from £14-£20 available at www.clinique.co.uk

8. Indemne Gimme Clear Solution, £17.99 available at www.indemne.fr

9. Face masque

10. Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser £4.99 for 200ml available at www.boots.com

11. Warm flannels

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