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‘pearly whites and fresh breath are a must’

DJ, model, fashion designer, dating guru…and still able to find time to give us at The Grooming Guide her views on guys and their grooming. The Only Way Is Essex star Lauren Pope tells us her opinions on how guys can look great and the importance of looking after your appearance.

Having designed her own collection for Little Mistress, Miss Pope is currently on on the lookout for a stylish and well groomed date, Lauren says that being ‘well dressed’ can help get the right kind of attention. Take note: being sharp and stylish is vital!

What does well groomed mean to you?
I love the smell of nice aftershave – there’s nothing better than when a nice smelling guy walks past as it certainly catches my attention!

Do you think more guys are making an effort with their appearance, if so why do you think that is?
Yes, it’s more acceptable in this day and age – it’s not frowned upon if a guy wears a little bit of make-up! It says a lot about a guys’ character if he is well groomed.

In what way could guys improve the way they look?
It depends on each guy, but you can never go wrong with a suit. I think the whole package is important not just one aspect – well groomed hair and facial hair, no mono brow and pearly whites and fresh breath are a must! No coffee or fag breath – yuk!

How can a guy impress you when you’re behind the decks?
I really like to concentrate on making sure everyone is dancing and having a good time. What does catch my eye though is a guy who’s well dressed.

You’ve had weekly residencies in Ibiza and Majorca. How does the grooming standards of guys over there compare to the lads back in Essex?
Essex is on a completely different level in terms of grooming. The boys have slicked to perfection hair and they do take care of what they look like. They love a sunbed, and dress to impress. When people are on holiday, they tend to relax more.

What is the most common mistake men make with their grooming?
Fake tan is a complete no-no with a slight bit of stubble!! it looks like they have a ginger beard, I must state there is nothing wrong with gingers!

Can you recommend a face-wash for men?
I use Garnier myself, but mens’ skin is a lot tougher. I do think a good face wash and scrub should be part of a mans’ routine, as it certainly helps make skin look clean and glowing.

What is your favourite male fragrance?
I love Marc Jacobs Bang, it’s just so masculine and I like Caroline Herrera Sexy 212 –it smells fresh.

Name one product you use that a guy could benefit from?
Sudocrem – put it on at night like moisturiser, and it makes your skin nice and soft.

What guys in the public eye do you think look well groomed and why?
George Lamb – he has got such good fashion style, and Bradley Cooper- what a sexy guy, need I say more!

Which male DJs always look great and should continue to inspire guys today?
Diplo & Calvin Harris– I like these guys, they dress a bit sharper than your average DJ. When they are away from the clubbing scene, they just have this really cool and trendy look– like they make no effort, yet look uber cool!

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