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‘I like a man who looks after himself!’

Former Pussycat Doll and Got To Dance judge, Kimberly Wyatt is no stranger to looking great both on and off the dance floor. It’s all about looking after yourself but not necessarily being immaculate for Kimberly, with regard to men that is! Keeping it natural looking is the way to go for this Grooming Girl.

As well as her judging duties on Got To Dance, Kimberly has also continued her music career as part of the group Her Majesty and the Wolves together with launching BM Beauty, her own range of products and beauty tools and recently becoming the face of Monster headphones. Most importantly with her husband Max Rogers she now has a her baby Willow, luckily she found time to give us her thoughts and tips on what makes a man look good.

Sadly she can’t make you move like Mick Jagger but take note of her advice, step away from the Saturday Night Fever white suit and pay attention. Dad dance moves optional…..

What guys in the public eye do you think look well groomed?
Adam Garcia, Ashley Banjo, and Vernon Kay always look well groomed.

What does well groomed mean to you?
I like a man who looks after himself, it’s ok to look a little scruffy if you look and smell good! A Max Benjamin Candle by the bath for example smells AMAZING and shows you your man has a touch of sophistication.

Why do you think more guys are making an effort with their appearance?
There is more acceptance for men being allowed to look after themselves today, With more amazing products and treatments on the market for men than before. A lot of the male dancers go to DestinationSkin clinics in the UK for treatments like laser hair removal, prescription facials and teeth whitening. Men seem to like to go for a quick fix so they don’t have to worry about it again. Whereas women agonise over things more.

What is your favourite fragrance for yourself and on a man?
I love La Perla J’aime during the day and Jean Paul Gaultier Classic at night for myself and I love Chanel Sport on a man..

Dancing is your passion. Which male dancers always look well groomed and why?
Male dancers are very fit physically so always look amazing! Anthony Kaye Always looks good from glowing skin to fantastic fashion!

We’ve seen some of your moves! But how do you stay looking fresh under-pressure?
I make sure I drink a lot of water stay hydrated and eat well! I choose organic and natural just like my makeup range. I am a strong believer that you should almost be able to eat what you put on your face!

What products do you use when you bath/shower?
Love the Planet! Again all natural and almost edible!

What is the biggest grooming disaster you’ve seen on the dance floor?
I would say streaks of white deodorant sweating down a mans side and staining his shirt!

What products should guys be using in your opinion and why?
LA Science shampoo and serum is great for maintaining a healthy head of hair, this product is in hot demand with Men in the UK it seems!

What three products from your BM Beauty should a guy buy for his wife/girlfriend?
BM Beauty products are great gifts! They show a girl that your thinking of her as they are so natural and good for skin but also come in some fantastic bold colours. I would suggest the brush set, BM Beauty Peachy Glow blush is also my must have for a natural on-trend spring glow and the lash curling mascara. I chose these as they are the essentials for an everyday natural beauty! The Nude Lip Gloss is also a best seller of ours!

Are there any products in your BM Beauty range that a guy could benefit from using?
I would recommend the ‘Be Gone’ Concealer and concealer brush to any man because it contains zinc oxide that sooths and moisturises problem skin naturally but equally proves high coverage for eye bags and spot prone skin. Again this is popular with dancers.

Who always looked really great and should continue to inspire guys today?
I’d have to say George Clooney! He ages so gracefully!

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5. BM Beauty Bronzer Blush Brush £14.00

6. Max Benjamin Candle RRP £19.95 from a selection

7. George Clooney

8. Destination Skln Treatment Area

9. BM Beauty Nude Lip Gloss £12.00 for 8ml

10. Love the Planet Grapefruit Body Butter £7.25 for 135g

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