Katie Hillier

‘look smart and natural…..with absolutely no makeup!’

Katie Hillier is a renowned accessories designer whose creations combine quality with a quirky aesthetic. After over a decade designing jewellery, handbags and accessories for establishes brands such as Marc Jacobs, Loewe and Victoria Beckham, Katie has now launched her own label Hillier. This luxury jewellery and accessories brand embodies her cheeky spirit and her collection of unique 18ct-carat gold paperclips shaped into woodland creatures, already have a cult following! So what are Katie’s opinions on male grooming, and what does this fashion magpie suggest guys do to shine a little brighter?

Do you think that more guys are making an effort with their appearance?
Yes I think they are, but I think men always have. It’s just a more subtle approach to how most women groom themselves. Also there are so many more products available for men now that I think the taboo of men’s grooming isn’t there anymore. It’s ok for guys to take pride in their appearance, and that’s great for us girls!

What are the most common grooming mistakes?
Too much hair product, weird unnatural beard shaping, oh and makeup.

Is there a single product you would like to see guys using?
Aesop face scrub.

Does the guy in your life borrow any products from you?
He occasionaly uses my Biotherm Night Cream for his face and my Aesop Facial Scrub and Mask.

What is your favourite male fragrance?
It has to be Penhaligons Juniper Sling.

Being well groomed means…?
Being smart but natural. Nice tidy hair and a lovely soft beard, and absolutely no makeup!

Which guys do you think in the public eye get it right?
My Boyfriend Patrick Grant, Giles Deacon and David Beckham.


1. Penhaligon's Juniper Sling Eau de Toilette £110 for 100ml from www.penhaligons.com (off New Fetter Lane) London EC4A 3BN

2. Patrick Grant

3. Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque £26 for 120ml from mankind.co.uk

4. Giles Deacon

5. Biotherm Skin-Ergetic Anti-Fatigue Night Cream £30 for 50ml from Debenhams, Boots, and House of Fraser

6. Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste £31 for 100ml from Space NK

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