Kate Walsh

“I draw the line at the eye lash curlers that my ex bought to look more awake!”

Born in Cannock, Staffordshire, Kate was raised in the West Midlands. Self-described as ‘positive, tenacious, and confident’ her highly motivated personality and sharp work ethic famously led her to success on series five of The Apprentice.

Celebrated for winning over A-list celebrities with her down to earth interviewing style, including Leonardo Dicaprio, Drew Barrymore, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lopez to name but a few on channel 5’s OK!TV. Kate’s television career to date includes presenting ‘Live from Studio Five’, business/fashion slots for GMTV, guest appearances on Market Kitchen, BBC3 comedy panel show ‘The King is Dead’ and a one-off ‘SATC2 Movie Special’ episode filmed on location in New York, with red carpet interviews in the UK.

Kate’s challenging career as a presenter on ‘Live from Studio Five’ has led to her involvement with dance lessons, sky diving, RAF training and even wing walking! She currently presents Channel Five’s hit flagship magazine show ‘OK!TV’ weeknights alongside Matt Johnson, here she shares her thoughts on the men in her life. What they get right and what they get wrong!


Do you think that more guys are making an effort with their appearance?
A definite ‘yes’! I think it’s become so much more acceptible for men to take care of their appearance whilst still being ‘masculine’ largely due to high profile men such as David Beckham talking about it, I think he even launched Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat for men….

What do you think is the most common mistake men make with their grooming?
Too much spiking/ too much hair gel, even if you’ve spent ages getting ready it’s good to look like you haven’t tried too hard…

What would you say is your top turn off?
I can’t bear teeth that glow in the dark if they have been whitened too much they look like ‘tipex teeth’ also veneers that are way too obvious…

What is your favourite smell on a guy and why?
I really love the smell of Davidoff Adventurer aftershave, it’s ‘manly’ I’m not that keen on unisex scents to be honest.

What products do you think guys would benefit from using?
Moisturiser, facial scrub and even a bit of concealer and/or a gradual tanning product. I draw the line at the eye lash curlers that my ex bought to look ‘more awake’

Do you have a product that your partner borrows?
I don’t let him!! Given the permission he would wash his whole body with my expensive shampoo without even appreciating what it was. I do let him use some of my Dermalogica Microfoliant or face mask now and again!

What is your own must have product that you cannot live without?
Xen Tan, I’ve got past the stage where I want to look tangoe’d but I still like a bit of a glow and Xen Tan has olive tones which makes it look more natural.

What does well groomed mean to you?
Personal hygiene, obviously showering and brushing your teeth, I could never go to bed without brushing my teeth even if I’m extremely drunk! It’s also about hair being trimmed or too much unlruly body hair being taken care of!

Which guys do you think in the public eye get it right?
David Beckham always looks great as does Brad Pitt apart from when he’s beardy. Jake Gyllenhaal is gorgeous, he looks like he takes care of himself without trying too hard.

Do you have a male style icon who transcends time?
Elvis when he was in his prime must have one of the most beautiful faces ever, whatever the era.

Do you think that is important for guys to look good in business to make the right impression?
Personal hygiene is massively important, you don’t want to be remembered in interviews and meetings for the wrong reasons!

1. Kate Walsh

2. Kate Walsh

3. Davidoff Adventure EDT £36.00 for 50ml at Debenhams

4. Elvis Presley

5. Shiseido Eyelash Curler £17.50 at House of Fraser

6. Dermalogica Products

7. Jake Gyllenhaal

8. Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Radiant Touch Eclat Pen £24.50 for 2.5ml at Boots

9. Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe £29.00 for 236ml at House of Fraser

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