Jessica Wright
Origin A Perfect World Moisturiser, £36 for 50ml at
Jessica Wright and boyfriend Ricky Rayment
Tom Ford Noir, £80 for 100ml at Selfridges
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, £68 for 50ml at Debenhams
Channing Tatum
Burberry Body, £55 for 60ml at Debenhams
Tom Ford Noir, £80 for 100ml at Selfridges
Bradley Cooper
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Jessica Wright

‘I don’t like guys to look too flash!’

TOWIE veteran and glam girl Jessica Wright knows a thing or two about looking good. She’s a modern day icon known for her fashion and grooming expertise. Her long-term boyfriend is fellow TOWIE companion Ricky Rayment whose groomed-but-rugged style rivals other cast members’ more high maintenance approach.

Despite her hectic life with family feuds and fake tan galore, Jess has made time to collaborate with big UK brands such as Next and Lipsy. Her womenswear collections run along the sultry slinky kind of vibe, adding that much-needed bit of TOWIE glam into everyday life. She also has a thing or two to say about male styling, so whether you’re from Notting Hill or Nottingham, Jess will be your guide to full-blown Essex ‘reemness’. She spoke to us about scents, skin and tracksuits… thanks for stopping by Jess!

What are your favourite skincare products?
I love using creams and Origin are great. They have a range called A Perfect World which I really rate because I always find my skin is so soft afterwards. Simple cleansing can work wonders too!

What’s your favourite fragrance on a man and on yourself?
At the moment on myself I really like Burberry Body, but I’ve always worn Chance by Chanel or Coco Mademoiselle. The scents I rate for men are Creed because they’re a luxurious and expensive choice and I love all their fragrances. Abercrombie and Fitch are perfect for daytime and Ricky has just started wearing Tom Ford Noir. It’s a great choice for evening!

In terms of guys, is there such a thing as being too well-groomed?
To be honest, I don’t really like the full-on Essex look. I don’t like guys looking too flash, I prefer them to be a bit more rough around the edges. It’s better when they’re dressed down, tracksuits are often sexy. But I’m not underestimating a more formal look, when a guy dresses up I think he should really dress up, a nice suit and everything.

Is there an Essex look for guys?
In terms of grooming, Essex guys like to keep it clean cut. Forget stubble, it’s all about fresh dewy skin. And when it comes to their barnets forget short and spiky, Essex guys have their hair sharp and slicked over to the side. Fashion-wise, it’s all about big watches and loafers with no socks…chances are their feet have had pedicures.

What products could we use to get the look?
A healthy glow is always good, I reckon it’s best to stop just short of a man-tan. For most guys bronzer is a key thing in their washbags, I’m pleased to say a lot use Jess Wright Tanning Solutions. Most like a good aftershave as an accessory – a man’s got to smell nice! Choosing the right fragrance is very important in terms of making an impression and most Essex guys smell sweet!

Which celebrities do you think really pull off good grooming?
Although Essex guys tend to look good, you have to look further afield sometimes…there’s a reason why some guys are Hollywood actors! Bradley Cooper looks great, he’s a nice person but rough around the edges. And Channing Tatum, he needs no explanation…

Imogen Orchard with contributions from Victoria Child

1. Origin A Perfect World Moisturiser, £36 for 50ml at

2. Jessica Wright and boyfriend Ricky Rayment

3. Tom Ford Noir, £80 for 100ml at Selfridges

4. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, £68 for 50ml at Debenhams

5. Channing Tatum

6. Burberry Body, £55 for 60ml at Debenhams

7. Tom Ford Noir, £80 for 100ml at Selfridges

8. Bradley Cooper

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