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Jessica Lowndes

“Plucking a monobrow is acceptable!”

She may only be 23, but Canadian born Jessica Lowndes has already taken Hollywood by storm. Not content with success as an actress, she is joining the the music world with the recent release of her new single ‘Nothing Like This’. Having been voted one of the world most beautiful people, Jessica knows a thing or two about looking great.

So we at The Grooming Guide decided to get the stunning star of E4’s 90210 to give us some advice on male grooming. A word of warning gents: whatever you do, don’t go stealing her products. She has been known to seek revenge!

What is your favourite smell on a man?

Depends on who is wearing it!

What fragrance do you wear?
I like sweet smelling fragrances, and currently I wear a scent that smells of Crème Brulee by Laura Mercier.

Can you suggest one product a guy could borrow from you and benefit from?
Definitely not my razor haha! Maybe a face scrub as guys have to shave so much I think they could benefit from exfoliating! They could try one like Kate Somerville Exfoliate instead of borrowing mine!

What products could guys be using in your opinion and why?
I think moisturiser is important as men don’t tend to wear make-up so their skin is constantly exposed to the sun and weather! Dermologica is one that I really like.

What is the most common mistake a man makes with his grooming?
To overgroom, you don’t want a guy looking like he took longer to get ready then you did!

How could most guys improve the way they look by grooming?
Taking care of their skin but still looking masculine.. plucking a monobrow would be acceptable! Maybe use Revlon Tweezers? It’s good for guys to have their own wash bag and products to stop them stealing ours! Daines and Hathaway have a great traditional leather masculine range of bags.

What does well groomed mean to you?
Clean but rugged!

Which guys always look great to you and why?
Well definitely my co-stars in 90210! And of course my love interest in the video ‘Nothing Like This’!

Jessica’s single ‘Nothing Like This’ and her 4 track EP is now available to download. You can see her new video via her You Tube channel: JLowndesOFFICIAL. 90210 is on E4 every Tuesday at 9pm.

1. Jessica Lowndes

2. Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Body Cream 300g for £43.50 from John Lewis

3. Revlon Tweezers RRP £5.99

4. Daines and Hathaway £125.00 from Henry Tibbs

5. Dermalogica Barrier Repair 30ml RRP £25

6. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment 60ml RRP £80.00

7. 90210

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