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Jade Thompson

‘I prefer natural rugged men’

Having won Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model in 2011, Jade Thompson has been immersed in the well groomed world of modelling. The 21 year old from Stoke on Trent first came to the attention of Top Model during a catwalk show in 2010 and went on to win the following year, judged by model Charley Speed, stylist Grace Woodward, designer Julien MacDonald and head judge/supermodel Elle Macpherson. Now firmly established as a model, Jade has appeared on the cover of Company magazine as well as been the face of a Revlon make-up campaign.

Jade has become known for her distinctive freckles and approachable personality. However she has also learnt more than a few things about looking great and taking care of yourself. Luckily Jade was able to tell us all about how to be ready for our close up, as well as let slip about her grooming disasters and why she prefers her men to be rugged and manly rather than pristine! Having learnt about what it takes to be camera ready at all times, less is definitely more when it comes to male grooming for this girl.

What does your daily grooming routine consist of?
I have to cleanse, tone and moisturise. I also make sure my hair and nails are in good condition.

Since winning Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model have you felt more pressure to look good/has your grooming routine changed?
You do feel the pressure more, as the way you look and present yourself has become a part of your job, so I think its essential to always try and look good and groom yourself as well. I wouldn’t say my routine has changed, just that I make sure it’s more regular.

Being a model you must have picked up a few tricks of the trade in the industry of grooming, care to share them with us?
I’ve seen a lot of make-up artists using toothbrushes to get rid of dead skin on peoples lips. I have had my hair dyed for jobs and been told by a few hairdressers to put eggs in my hair and leave it on overnight. The eggs have a lot of protein in which is good for hair recovery!

How do you keep your skin so flawless?
I cleanse tone and moisturise everyday, using Clearasil – and you can’t go wrong!! I don’t wear a lot of makeup on my days off to, to give my skin a rest.

Part of your iconic look are your freckles (which have recently been a new trend on the catwalk with many makeup artists using eyebrow pencil to draw them on models), have you always embraced them?
I havent always embraced my freckles, as I think as a child, everyone just wants to fit in, but now they have became a great asset of mine and I’m glad that it’s becoming more acceptable.

What would your beauty advice be for girls who are natural freckly?
It would be to embrace them and don’t hide them, make sure you have the right foundation for your skin. I use a tinted moisturiser as I don’t like to hide them at all with makeup!

You won Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model, but have you had any grooming disasters yourself?
Yes, I always used to have my eyebrows threaded. Once I went and had them waxed and the lady made them really high and thin – thank god for eyebrow pencil!!

Moving onto guys… What is it that you look for in a man (in the sense of grooming)?
I’m not into guys who use straighteners, sunbeds or tan or makeup! I prefer a natural rugged manly man.

What guys in the public eye do you think are grooming inspirations?
I like Tinie Tempah’s style, which is really unique and quirky.

Who else do you think always looks great?
Beyonce, Cheryl Cole, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez: they always look immaculate, as though they’ve spent a week at a spa!

Do you think there more pressure is being put on men to look good?
I don’t think there is pressure for men to look good, it depends on the type of women. In my case I prefer a guy to be less groomed, whereas some girls may prefer the opposite.

Do any of the men in your life ever borrow your products?
No, never.

What’s your favourite scent on a guy?
I like Jean Paul Gaultier.

What is one piece of grooming advice you would give to any guy?
Less is more.

Interview by Charlotte Clarke

1. Jade Thompson

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4. Beyonce

5. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male 75ml for £38.50 at Debenhams

6. Tinie Tempah

7. Eva Longoria

8. Jennifer Lopez

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