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‘Guys… get to grips with your over gelled hair and less than fresh breath!’

Glamour model and wife of Tottenham midfielder Jermaine, Ellie Jenas is a firm favourite here at The Grooming Guide. Our latest Grooming Girl married her partner in 2011 and has quickly established herself alongside Coleen Rooney and Emile Heskey’s wife Chantelle Tagoe in the style stakes. As a model and WAG she knows that looking good also means feeling great and she also knows a thing or two about male grooming.

Infact the secret to their beautiful marriage may even be sharing products and grooming advice, as Jermaine and Ellie have just announced that they are expecting their first child in 2012. Here at The Grooming Guiide we reckon it wont be long before this baby knows the secrets to having perfect skin and the glossiest of hair!

Who takes longer getting ready to go out, you or Jermaine?
I take longer than Jermaine; he is normally downstairs waiting for me.

Does your husband ever use any of your grooming products?
Yes he borrows my makeup removal wipes sometimes if he wants to cleanse his face.

What do you believe is the worst grooming disaster a man can make?
Guys should never over gel their hair and stick it down to their foreheads!

What’s your favourite fragrance on a man and what do you use yourself?
My favourite male fragrance is Creed and I use Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Are the guys you know making more of an effort with their appearance?
Yes they are. It’s so much easier nowadays for men to go and get a facial or their hair coloured or even use fake tan without getting abuse from their friends.

If you had to recommend a product which every man could benefit from, what would it be?
A tooth brush and mint toothpaste as no woman likes a man to have smelly breath.

You’ve recently announced you’re pregnant, what is your plan for avoiding stretch marks?
I use Bio Oil twice a day and I also use Palmers Cocoa Butter and Nivea (the firming skin one) to moisturise my body.

As a model your skin always looks so flawless, how you achieve this
I drink lots of water and I always remove any makeup well. I use Lancôme cleanser and I have makeup removal wipes for a late nights. I also use a day and night creams I am a firm believer that they will help my skin as I get older. My mum and grandma always told me to look after my skin, and that I would regret it in my later years if I didn’t.

Your hair is a pretty iconic part of your look, how do you look after it?
Thnakyou but to be honest I should probably look after my hair a bit better. I do try and have a monthly hair treatment and I very rarely colour it. I also eat a lot of fish in my diet so perhaps that helps too!?

Do you prefer relaxing baths or refreshing showers?
I love baths and I don’t shower unless I am on holiday I have a bath in the morning before I start my day, even if it’s just short and then have a long soak at night.

What summer essentials do you recommend for our grooming girls?
On holiday I love wearing no make-up and try to look after my hair and skin in the sun. I get a good holiday shampoo and conditioner and use a good quality sun cream. I find Boots Soltan the best. If like me you don’t feel comfortable with not wearing makeup in the sun, then rock a great pair of sunglasses and a nice bikini and and you are set!

Which guys in the public eye do you believe are perfect role models in the world of grooming?
Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford are perfect role models in the world of grooming, but then so is my husband!

Interview by Charlotte Clarke

1. Jermaine Jenas

2. Green Irish Tweed by Erwin Creed £135 Harrods and

3. Soltan Face Moisturising Suncare Cream SPF30 £8.99 for 50ml at Boots

4. Chace Crawford

5. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum Spray £61.00 for 50ml at Debenhams

6. Lancôme Gel éclat £21.00 for 125ml at Debenhams

7. Ed Westwick

8. Nivea Q10 Plus Firming Body Lotion £5.10 for 250ml at Boots

9. Bio-Oil £14.99 for 125ml at Boots

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