Donna Air

“You don’t have to look like ‘The Hulk’, just keep fit. Good skin is really important too!”

Our favourite blonde Donna Air started early, her first role was at the age of 10 in the hit children’s BBC series, Byker Grove and a brief career in pop followed. As well as presenting Donna is firmly focussed on her acting career and has appeared in a number of dramas including the BBC adaptation of Lynda La Plante’s Supply And Demand, Paramount Films’ Still Crazy and BBC’s hit Hotel Babylon. 2011 has seen her join forces with eHarmony where she writes a weekly blog for www.eharmony.com on her dating experiences, past and present, sharing tales and anecdotes which can be romantic but are often hilarious.

What does well-groomed mean to you?
Men who have a sense of style and flair both internally and externally. Looking comfortable in your own skin is vital. A good suit also never goes astray!

What is your favourite smell on a man?
It really depends on the man as each scent smells unique on different types of skin. As long as they have a good body smell. Although I do like Zegna Z Cologne on a man.

Which guys in the public eye do you think are well groomed?
David Furnish always looks very smart!

What is your biggest turnoff? Why?

A common pitfall is wearing too much hair product. Use about the size of a coin! On that note, having hair in the wrong places can be a bit of a turn off.

What products do you use that a guy should have in their cabinet?
Sisley Eye mask and moisturiser does wonders. For hair, the products from the Real Hair Salon should be in every guy’s bathroom!

In what other ways can guys improve the way they look?
Toning up at the gym makes guys look healthier and clothes fit better. You don’t have to look like ‘The Hulk’, just keep fit. Good skin is really important too!

1. Donna Air

2. Sisley Eye Mask £71.50 30ml John Lewis

3. David Furnish

4. Zegna Z Cologne approx £47.00 125ml Harvey Nicols

5. Products from a selection at Real Hair www.realhair.co.uk

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