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Cat Dal

‘Trying to remove glitter after a shoot is ridiculous…. it can live with me for months’

TV presenter and music blogger Cat Dal knows what it takes to look good when you’re always on the go. From modelling in Singapore, to campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger and Levis as well as appearing in commercials for Lipton and Ford, Cat always looks groomed under pressure.

Currently the presenter of The Telegraph Online Music Sessions, Cat is also the host of Company Magazine’s ‘The Squeeze’ and helped judge the Emerging Talent Contest for Glastonbury 2011. No stranger to looking camera ready, we think Cat’s right on track to spill the beans on male grooming. Read on to find out why she thinks that natural and rugged is the way to go! Thanks Cat.

What does your daily grooming routine consist of?
Growing up my nan always told me about the importance of taking good care of the skin around my eyes, so every morning and evening I use a light eye cream. Other than that it’s a pretty basic routine of cleansing before bed and using a a good serum and a moisturiser with a SPF.

How do presenters achieve a natural glow in front of the camera?
I like to use a foundation with a light but even coverage that has a little radiance mixed in to give that dewy/fresh effect, but a powder is a must to eliminate any shine from the strong lights. A bit of highlighter on the top of the cheekbone can also give a healthy looking glow.

What are your top tips for festival grooming?
I think dry shampoo, wet wipes and moisturiser are pretty standard festival necessities, but a good cream blush and an eye-brightening pencil in the inner eyelash line will hide a multitude of sins!

Whilst working as a model did you feel pressure to look good and did your grooming routine change?
I was definitely less attentive to grooming before I became a model, but when this became my job, I was immediately aware that I was required to be professional and turn up to work with manicured nails, clean healthy hair and hydrated skin.

What would you say are your top tricks of grooming?
I would say the main tricks I picked up that I would advise to anyone was to exfoliate and steam your pores weekly, and to invest in growing out and maintaining a strong eyebrow shape, as this can instantly add youth to your face.

Have you had any grooming catastrophes?
I’ve had a few nightmares trying to remove stubborn hair-extension glue overnight, when clients say ‘it will wash right out’ but this can take a while. Oh and trying to remove glitter after a  shoot is ridiculous…. it can live with you for months!

What grooming products could you not live without?
Tweezers, detangling hairbrush, dry shampoo and a good eye cream.

What do you look for in a man in the sense of grooming?
I love facial hair so I’m always encouraging my boyfriend to keep his, but nicely trimmed of course so he doesn’t end up like Seasick Steve. Good dental hygiene is a must, and a well chosen scent.

Which guys in the public eye do you think are grooming inspirations?
I have to confess I’m more keen on the rugged, natural look for men (as supposed to the plucked eyebrows and bronze look of Geordie Shore men) so the more authentic types like Alexander Skarsgard or Hugh Jackman work for me.

Do you think there is more pressure on guys to look good?
It probably depends on the type of guy, I’m sure all men like to look good but it’s how much time they spend on it. I’m pretty low maintenance in that department, so I don’t think I’d like my guy to spend longer in the bathroom then me!

If you had to recommend one product from your beauty bag to any guy what would it be?
I would recommend the Lucas Pap Paw lip cream. No matter how grizzly or rugged you are, no-one likes chapped lips.

Do any of the men in your life ever borrow your products?
My boyfriend loves my shower gel because it smells like strawberries.

 What’s your favourite smell on a guy and do you have a signature fragrance yourself?
I love Armani Code for my guy and mine is always the classic Chanel no.5.

What’s your number one piece of grooming advice for any guy?
Always listen to your girlfriend/sister/mother.

Interview by Charlotte Clarke

Additional Research Amanda Blake

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