Andrej Pejic

‘I prefer a bucket of water and a sponge!’

Bosnian Australian model Andrej Pejić is so androgynous he successfully models for both male and female shows. At Paris fashion week in 2011, he walked for the Men’s Marc Jacobs show, and then for both the Men’s and Women’s Jean-Paul Gaultier! No wonder he was named one of OUT Magazine’s 100 most compelling people of the year.

One of the hottest models around, Andrej is making some definite waves in the fashion world. So what goes into the grooming routine of a man that can rank as no. 16 in models.com’s top 50 male models list, whilst also being voted in FHM’s top 100 sexiest women list? Well, read on to find out…!

Take us through your morning grooming routine?
I only have the long blonde tresses to take care of. In the morning I give myself a good brush and blow dry.

When choosing fragrances, do you generally prefer more masculine or feminine smells?
My fragrance is Thierry Mugler ‘Womanity’ which happens to be a more masculine female fragrance. I like interesting smells.

What are your favourite hair products?
I use a lot of Bumble and Bumble as well as Paula’s Choice Conditioner.

You are quite pale generally, how do you keep your skin looking great?
It’s true I stopped sun tanning at the age of 15 and I always wear sunscreen. Also I don’t smoke and I use a lot of antioxidant treatments, as well as exfoliating and moisturising ones. I find Paula’s Choice to be a really good brand for skincare.

What is your favourite aftershave on a man?
The Davidoff one smells good.

Would you say you are more of a shower or bath person?
I prefer a bucket of water and a sponge!

Your career is focused on maintaining a feminine look. Is this a look that remains when you’re not at work?
Yes I undoubtedly look female all the time, because my look is for the most part just natural.

Following your success, have you witnessed a rise in androgynous models in the fashion industry?
Yes I’ve definitely witnessed a rise of androgynous or pretty boys as well as transgender individuals in the industry and elsewhere. I think it’s great to see, hopefully it will lead to a more widespread understanding.

Interview: Richard Taverner
Additional Research: Ellen Tewkesbury

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