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BIC – Shave For Love

Here at Grooming Towers, we understand that a beard can be a source of great joy for a man… Continue

The Perfect Manicure – The Refinery at Harrods

Nails say a lot about personal hygiene. So be warned the women that used to assess a guy by the cleanliness of his shoes is now looking at his hands. Continue

Braun’s Waterflex

Sometimes we get too used to our everyday products and forget how much better something else could be! If you feel like your razor just isn’t cutting it, the Braun Waterflex is a technological leap in terms of facial grooming… Continue

The Nomad Barber

Miguel Gutierrez, The Nomad Barber, Travels around the world investigating the art of barbering in different countries and across continents… Continue

Christian Dior – Genesis The Film

Have you ever wondered how scent is created? If so this new film by Dior will explain it expertly! Because not only does it pay homage to the Dior perfume House it also offers an intimate view on the olfactory … Continue

The Closest Shave – Carmelo Guastella

If there’s an area in London that connotes the closest shave then surely it’s Jermyn Street St James, and who better than respected barber Carmelo Guastella to take us through our paces! Ever wondered how you could look if you … Continue

Prada Luna Rossa Sport

he crash of waves, the spray of the sea, the strength of sailing a boat through tough conditions: these are the feelings that Prada’s newest Masculine fragrance, Prada Luna Rossa Sport, aims to evokeā€¦. Continue

Lynx Black Presents – Bring the Quiet | Featuring Novo Amor

The new modern and masculine Lynx Black Collection (Body Spray, Anti-perspirant, Shampoo and Hair Clay) could be just the ticket…. Continue

John Varvatos Store Launch

Here at Grooming HQ we’ll never say no to a good party. And John Varvatos did not disappoint. Set in the three storey flagship store, this was a massive event with all the makers and shakers of the fashion… Continue