Why Wear Fragrance

Here at The Grooming Guide we think it is time to replace the splash and dash routine of our youth, and take a more sophisticated approach to fragrances.

“Everything from hair colour to skin type through to personality will determine the fragrance you wear” Lyn Harris

JUST AS WILD ANIMALS mark their territory with fragrance, a man can use scent to extend the personal space that he inhabits. Be warned, a well groomed man should never be smelt before entering a room.

A GUY EXPERIMENTING with fragrance used to be viewed as being of questionable character, but those not making an effort to smell sweet, are now in the minority.

THE BODIES PHEROMONES combine with a fragrance. When you wear scent, you are creating your own unique version of that fragrance. Basically what smells great on you might not be so appealing on someone else.

MOST MEN WEAR fragrance as the ultimate accessory, a finishing touch like their cufflinks or tie pin. The concept of a signature scent is over.

Thanks to James Craven, Erwin Creed, Roja Dove and Lyn Harris.







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