Looking After Your Fragrance

“Build a capsule fragrance wardrobe, compile 5 or 6 fragrances from which you can choose”  Erwin Creed

Take good care of your purchases as some fragrances deteriorate more rapidly than others, especially Colognes. How long a fragrance lasts depends on how it is handled. Treat them well and they will serve you longer.

– Avoid direct sources of heat and light, and yes this rules out anywhere near radiators or windowsills.

– Avoid keeping your fragrance in the bathroom, as the constant fluctuations in temperature are far from ideal for your fragrance.

–  Keep it in a cupboard (preferably dark and cool), and ideally put your bottles back in their original packaging before storing.

Thanks to James Craven, Erwin Creed, Roja Dove and Lyn Harris.





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