How To Choose Fragrance

“Believe in yourself and your scent. If you spend time and effort choosing, the fragrance and your personality will mesh.” James Craven

Beauty halls are intimidating. They are about as far away from our ‘natural environment’ as a guy can get. When faced with a wall of fragrances and a bevvy of beauties, a man needs a plan of attack.

– Go early when your senses are keenest, rather than later in the day when your nose and brain are weary.

– Don’t panic! It’s easy to get trigger happy and enter sensory overload so focus on 5 distinct products.

– Go alone, take your time and focus. Try to avoid being influenced by the sales staff. It is not about who makes it but how it smells on you.

– Make use of the card scent strips. Spray on them to eliminate any non starters then give the smells you do like 20 minutes to develop. If you still like them then ask for testers.

– Take three or four testers home and trial wear them day and night. Think about how they fit your life and your personality.

– If your partner doesn’t like it bin it! If you really really like it and they don’t, it might be time to bin them!

Thanks to James Craven, Erwin Creed, Roja Dove and Lyn Harris.

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