fragrance tips

Why Wear Fragrance

Here at The Grooming Guide we think it is time to replace the splash and dash routine of our youth, and take a more sophisticated approach to fragrances . Continue

How To Choose Fragrance

Beauty halls are intimidating, they are about as far away from our ‘natural environment’ as a guy can get. When faced with a wall of fragrances and a bevvy of beauties, a man needs a plan of attack Continue

How To Wear Fragrance

To splash or squirt and where and when? A well groomed guy is always in charge of his fragrance, although it should never dominate him. Here are our do’s and don’ts to be being well scented. Continue

Looking After Your Fragrance

Take good care of your purchases as some fragrances deteriorate more rapidly especially Colognes. How long a fragrance lasts depends on how it is handled, treat them well and they will serve you longer. Continue