Welcome to the Grooming Guide.

Here at the Grooming Guide we think that a well groomed guy can look good in (almost) anything. We also know that the area of male grooming is a minefield, often full of conflicting advice.

We aim to offer an unbiased, informative and entertaining insight. Our focus is real men as well as icons, expert access and products that really work. To that end every item we feature has been tested by ourselves or referred to a panel of testers. Whether Firemen, Junior Doctors or Mountain Recue Teams they have done the hard work so you don’t need to.

There is no formula for looking groomed but we hope that with our help you will use the products and implement the routines that work for you. It’s all here for the taking! Have you ever wondered what you could look like if you really tried?

Its time to take a look in the mirror.



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