Jim Chapman

Jim Chapman

Here’s a face most of us will recognise! Jim has been filling our Friday evenings with his entertaining Youtube videos for years now and his… Continue

Aesop - Elemental Facial Barrier Cream

Aesop – Elemental Facial Barrier Cream

Of all the weapons a guy should have in his grooming armoury a great moisturiser is key. Not only will it and prevent dryness it can also help to keep skin elastic, more youthful, and … Continue

Christian Dior – Genesis The Film

Have you ever wondered how scent is created? If so this new film by Dior will explain it expertly! Because not only does it pay homage to the Dior perfume House it also offers an intimate view on the olfactory … Continue

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Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer is best known known for her recent role as seductive Margaery Tyrell in the massive hit HBO series Game of Thrones, but she’ll also be sauntering onto our screens in the near future as Cressida of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay… Continue

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Veronique Simon Simontherapy

Doctor Veronique Simon – Anti Slackening Mesotherapy

Here at the Grooming Guide we often hear from guys who want to know how to fight the signs of ageing. We also know that the treatments that they rate must show results, and fast! Continue

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David Beckham For H and M

Bouffe It Like Beckham!

When it comes to grooming inspiration it doesn’t get much better than David Beckham. Sure he may have committed some style crimes in the past (see our timeline) but here at Grooming Towers we reckon that David Beckham continues to give good … Continue

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