Tony Ward

When it comes to Tony Ward, forget fashion and consider style instead. You should remember him from a stellar Herb Ritts Calvin Klein campaign from the 1980’s or Madonnas Sex book in the 1990’s but… Continue

Be My Valentine!

With VALENTINE’S DAY fast approaching, it’s time to share the four FINE FRAGRANCES that I have LOVED over the last year! You can read my reviews below.. but what I REALLY want to know is which is YOUR FAVOURITE?? They … Continue

Lisa Eldridge

With a signature look which is best described as a fresh, flawless and understated, the lovely Lisa Eldridge is one of the most highly regarded make-up artists of generation…… Continue

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Hartwell House – 111SKIN Harley Street Facial.

When it comes to total relaxation..the weekend is often where it’s at. But what if I told you that there was room for an extra day on your agenda? Well there is and it’s ‘Spaturday’!
I am often looking for the perfect British rural retreat, and Hartwell House takes some beating… Continue

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Traditional Hair Singeing

Dreading your usual trip to the barbers for a trim and ‘something for the weekend sir’? Then let us introduce you to a grooming trend that is spreading like wildfire. You may not know this, but singeing has been used … Continue

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