Ricki Hall

An icon for bearded and tattooed guys everywhere as well as Esquire’s ‘most influential hair in Britain’, Ricki Hall comes clean about the products and brands he values the most when he’s…

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All He Wants for Christmas

Maybe you’re at a loss for what to buy the man in your life this Christmas? Or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect present for yourself? Either way The Grooming Guide has flushed out the most stylish of gifts to keep you… Continue

Christian Dior – Genesis The Film

Have you ever wondered how scent is created? If so this new film by Dior will explain it expertly! Because not only does it pay homage to the Dior perfume House it also offers an intimate view on the olfactory … Continue

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Immodesty Blaize

International Burlesque Queen Immodesty Blaize is quickly becoming a National treasure; Recently dubbed ‘The Goddess’, her sophisticated performances and exquisite ‘bombshell’ curves have dazzled audiences from London to Vegas. Continue

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Perfect Eyes

Dr Ariel Haus – Caboxytherapy & Sublative Rejuven-Eyes

‘Men are finally losing their skin-hibitions….’ Sure a visit to the dermatologist might not be the ‘topic du jour’ at the pub or even over coffee, but rest assured some men are finally losing their skin-hibitions! I’m one of them … Continue

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Beard Perfection

How To Tackle Your Winter Beard

A well groomed beard can add shape to a thin face or give a fuller face definition. The young can even gain a couple of years and an air of authority. Continue

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