Rizzle Kicks

The Rizzle Kicks

With sunshine smiles and equally sunny tunes, this English hip-hop duo from Brighton jumped onto the scene back in 2011, with the super catchy track ‘Down With the Trumpets’ and equally addictive dance moves. Half Jordan… Continue

Lustre Pure Light

Lustre Pure Light

All the professionals say it: good skin is the foundation of looking healthy. It is also the basis on which you build your entire grooming routine, onwards and upwards to more eclectic skincare like growing a Movember ‘tache… Continue

Braun’s Waterflex

Sometimes we get too used to our everyday products and forget how much better something else could be! If you feel like your razor just isn’t cutting it, the Braun Waterflex is a technological leap in terms of facial grooming… Continue

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Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.39.36

London Beauty Queen – Hayley Carr

The London Beauty Queen (aka Hayley Carr) is a beauty blogger extraordinare, with insider knowledge aplenty. Her unique background as a brand manager in the cosmetics industry means she’s a know-it-all in the best sense… Continue

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Treatment Room

Sofitel St James London Hotel

We reckon the closest thing to drifting off on a deckchair somewhere on a remote Caribbean island is a drop in to the Sofitel St James Hotel spa in London. Set in the regal surroundings of Pall Mall… Continue

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Perfect Guy-Brows

Perfect Guy-Brows

Let’s face facts guys that hairy caterpillar nestling above your eyes is no longer acceptable! Well groomed guys know that tidy brows are not only central to looking well groomed, they can also dramatically change the appearance of our faces. Continue

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