Roger Frampton

Roger Frampton

Pioneer of the Frampton Method, Roger Frampton is a fitness expert and fashion model. He has modelled all over the world from Milan to New York and for campaigns as prestigious as… Continue

Ormond Jayne - Zizan EDP

Ormond Jayne – Zizan EDP

With Summer in full swing, and fresh green (or worse aquatic) fragrances in overdrive, what’s a man to do if he’s in search of … Continue

Braun’s Waterflex

Sometimes we get too used to our everyday products and forget how much better something else could be! If you feel like your razor just isn’t cutting it, the Braun Waterflex is a technological leap in terms of facial grooming… Continue

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The Pixiwoos

Pixiwooʼ is the name of Makeup artist sistersʼ Samantha and Nicola Chapmanʼs You Tube Channel. Their beauty channel has gained massive popularity, what’s more their audience now happily migrates between their Blog, Twitter feed and Facebook page Continue

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Ted's Grooming Room Interior

Ted’s Grooming Room – Duke Street London W1

Thankfully staying one step ahead of the grooming game just got easier with the launch of Ted’s Grooming Room in Duke Street London W1…. Continue

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