Eric Underwood

Eric Underwood

The stellar American British ballet dancer Eric Underwood has long been on our radar! With a repertoire including Rasputin in Anastasia, Southern Cape Zebra in ‘Still Life’ at the Penguin Cafe and Mrs Pettitoes in Tales of Beatrix Potter Eric Underwood dances… Continue

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Triumph and Disaster – Facial Range

At Grooming Towers, we are swamped in lotions, moisturisers and fragrances – our shelves are literally sagging with all of the weight. But Logic by Triumph and Disaster… Continue

The Perfect Manicure – The Refinery at Harrods

Nails say a lot about personal hygiene. So be warned the women that used to assess a guy by the cleanliness of his shoes is now looking at his hands. Continue

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Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge

With a signature look which is best described as a fresh, flawless and understated, the lovely Lisa Eldridge is one of the most highly regarded make-up artists of generation…… Continue

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One Of The Many Pools At Rudding Park Spa

Rudding Park Spa

Smart men know that they have nothing to fear and everything to gain from a spa visit! What’s more a great spa will treat you like….. Continue

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Marvellous Moustaches

Marvellous Moustaches

Stop shaving your upper lip, it’s time to commit! Embrace and enjoy it, and you will be keeping good company. From Rembrandt, Charlie Chaplin, Little Richard and Ron Burgundy, guys have been flirting with facial topiary for over two thousand years… Continue

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