David Gandy For Marks And Spencers

David Gandy

Some would say he’s the most beautiful man on the planet. We wouldn’t disagree. As the world’s first and only supermodel, you’ll have seen him on every billboard world-over. He’s… Continue

Hanz De Fuko

Hanz De Fuko – Hair Products

In February 2009 childhood friends and renegades David Alfonso and Christopher Zent founded Hanz De Fuko in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. Their aim: to…. Continue

The Perfect Manicure – The Refinery at Harrods

Nails say a lot about personal hygiene. So be warned the women that used to assess a guy by the cleanliness of his shoes is now looking at his hands. Continue

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Louise Roe

Louise Roe

Having presented The Clothes Show and makeover show ‘Plain Jane’, as well appearing on Project Catwalk, Make Me A Supermodel and Britain’s Next Top Model Louise has the experience and fashion knowledge to help guys figure out what looks great and what should be avoided….. Continue

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Male Posture

Anamaya London – Sports Massage

What’s a man to do if sport or even simply day to day living causes postural problems and muscle strain? Well, if you are practical and pragmatic chap may we suggest a trip to Anamaya? This stylish male friendly space is tucked away off High Street Kensington, and it’s a… Continue

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Hair Loss Sufferer

Vinci Hair Clinic – Hair Loss Solutions

If you’re worried about hair loss, relax you are in good company! Sadly for some guys the process can start as early as their late teens and its emotional effects can be pretty acute. Continue

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